Factors of Production Project

by kinsonwong
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Factors of Production Project

What is Land?

-> Land is everything that is not man-made-> Resources occur naturally; these raw materials are limited and cannot be produced constantly by man

Water is one of the land resources that human cannot produce

-> Land resources are found almost everywhereie: Water, Sunlight, Minerals, Wind-> Land is the basic to most products. In order to form capital goods, the basic of land and labour is required.

How is land involved in the production of tomato?-Food for the tomato-Land for the growth of tomato-Water to keep tomato vines healthy-Sunlight for growth of tomatoes

How is land involved in house construction?-Land in order to create the foundation of the house-Minerals/Clays for some houses

Factors of Production -Land ProjectBy: Kinson Wong

How is land used to produce a car?-Steel for the outside-Gasoline for the car to function-Leather for the inside for some cars

Land is necessary for all our daily lives. We need food, water, shelter, transportation just to fulfill our basic needs.

Some resources are scarce, so we should work together to reserve these resources for future generations!

Recycle your paper products, cartons, bottles, jars and compost! Let's recycle and reserve resources!!

Sunlight is one of the land resources that man cannot produce.



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