Expand Your PLN with Second Life

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Expand Your PLN with Second Life

In Second Life educators canCREATECOMMUNICATECOLLABORATEand expand their Personal LearningNetworks

SL is a MUVE (multi-user virtual environment). This 3-D virtual community is created entirely by its members (residents). Members create a customized avatar to represent themselves and move about in the virtual world. Second Life was developed by Philip Rosedale of Linden Labs, and is open to persons 18 and older. There is a Teen Grid for ages 13-18.

What is Second Life?

Educators are able to join existing groups or create their own. They can attend information and sharing sessions, learn to create objects in Second Life, host or attend meetings, and socialize with other educators. The Second Life educational community merely extends professional development and camaraderie into a virtual environment. Here is a small sample of some existing organizations:

What can I do there?

Discovery Educator Network

ISTE Eduverse

Atlantis Seekers

Teachers Without Borders

First, create your Second Life avatar. Click here to see how.

How do I get started?

Where can I get more information?

View some of the YouTube videos created by Torley Linden to improve your Second Life experience.

Visit some of the many sites devoted to answering questions about Second Life such as the Second Life wiki.


See you in world!

Expedition Central

Edtech Retreat

And don't forget the DEN in Second Life blog!

Then, click here to see how to take your first steps.


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