Ereading in the 2013 classroom

by teachmi2
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Language Arts
Reading Comprehension

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Ereading in the 2013 classroom

E Readers make reading FUN!

"Learning to read enhances the thinking process, and learning to think enhances the reading process." (Green, 2005)

Benefits of Technology....There are numerous benefits of using technology in our reading instruction. 1- Children receive immediate feedback with electronic readers2-Children can focus more on meaning, rather than decoding3-The opportunity to read along allows the reader to have fluency modeled f-or them4-Children can choose their own stories5-Animated features keep the reader engaged

Traditional Assessment vs. Online Assessment-Reading comprehension is different with digital technology. Students use different strategies than with traditional print. With comprehension at the front of educators' minds, and technology being used more often, it is imperative that educators are aware of;-- the new and different skills that students may need to comprehend digital reading--teachers need positive attitudes about technology and a willingness to use different methods of instruction--students need to be taught the skills to comprehend easier with online readers--we may need to adapt our assessment when we use digital readers

E Reading in the 2013 classroomby: Cindy Morgan

- Receive immediate feedback-allows students to focus on meaning and not decoding-Students are actively engaged- Animated pictures help with understanding of the meaing-Immediate ability to choose another text

Benefits of E Reading

Confidence.... willingness to read.... engaged reader

"If we teach today as we taught yesterday, then we rob our children of the future."(Dewey 1916)



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