EPI Titanic assignment

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EPI Titanic assignment

EPI TitanicAssignment

Create a three-part glog:Titanic: people, facts and figures

1) Create content about each part:



Useful links:1)Pictures and content:https://fr.pinterest.com/bonniesburns/titanic-1912/2) Encyclopaedia Titanica:https://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/titanic-biographies/

Part II: Figures1) How many people were on board?2) What were the dimensions of the ship?3) How many people survived the shipwreck?

Part III: People1) Find examples of people who were on board: pictures, video.2) What social classes did they belong to?3) Caption your picture/video explaining what/who it is about.

Part I: Facts1)When and where was the Titanic built?2)Create a brief timeline using the Titanic video worksheet.

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