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Ender's Game

I'm not sure Orson Scott Card wanted this.

Dear Movie Director of Ender’s Game,I think that what you did with the ages of Ender and his peers was a big mistake. In the book, Ender was specifically at the age of 6 when he went to battle school, and so were his peers. When you took that tender age and turned it into a 12 or 13, you completely changed the feel of the movie/book. For me at least, when I read that there were 6 year olds being forced to do all these things like fighting and hurting and playing games that require your highest state of mind -- that was really a huge part of the book and what captivated me, what made me want to keep reading. What would happen to these little kids? What else would be unfairly presented to them? So when the precious 6 year olds turned into tough teenagers, I was very disappointed and didn’t feel for the characters as much. Why didn’t you keep the ages the same? I’m sure there are a bunch of little kids out there who can act and would be willing to be Ender and/or his peers in battle school. Also, one part that was very unique about the book was that the 6-year-olds acted like adults. That was something that really strikes a person as, "Wow, these little kids shouldn't have to go through this, normally wouldn't do this, and yet they are forced to act like adults because of the environment." For instance, Ender was about 9 or 10 when he directed the battle against the buggers, controlling thousands of people and telling them what to do. No normal 9 or 10 year-old would take on such responsibilities. I think that you should’ve kept the ages the same as in the book because the audience would have a greater emotional response and like the movie more if the kids were the right age, as in the book. Sincerely,Annika Holecek

Ender's Game

This would speak to the audience more if they saw a little 6 year old being bullied.


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