Empires of Mesopotamia

by Jehoskins
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Empires of Mesopotamia

Empiresof Mesopotamia

1. Ruled by Sargon, who declared his sons would rule after him.  2. Was the first Empire in the world, uniting the Sumerian City-States. Developed a new language.  3. Built Agade, the richest and most powerful city of the empire. Religion and Art remained important to the people's lives. You were either a craftsman, soldier or a servant. Known for their military strategy and tight formations.

1. Ruled by Hammurabi 2. Famous for its a Code of Laws 3. Men, Women and Slaves all had rights. And the Empire was strong and rich



1. Most famous ruler was Nebuchadnezzar II 2. Famous for its advances in science, medicine and it's beautiful Hanging Gardens of Babylon 3. Life and laws were strict. But the people were surrounded by beautiful gardens and fountains. Garden plants and vines were on every rooftop, and even hung off the city walls.


1. Had a series of strong kings 2. Had a standing army, and developed seige warfare 3. Life was like living in an army. But religion remained very important, and many temples were built. Aqueducts brought water to their temples and cities.




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