Emmett Till

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Emmett Till

Emmett Till

This is when Emmetts mom see's Emmett's body for the first time, an seeing what happened to him. This is also when she knows that the only way to stop this from happening is by showing everyone Emmett's body.

This is when the trial was happening and how, how many people cared to go to Emmetts trial. This also shows how packed it was and how important this trial was.

This was Emmett as a young teenager. This was him before he wen't to mississippi

These are the men that were acused of kiddnapping and killing Emmett Till. These two men where innicent in the court of law.

This is when she knew that her son had to go through aginizing pain before he died. She made a decision that the south would pay for what they did.

This is before Emmett wen't to mississippi. This is also shows what happened to him after the kidnapping.

This is when she came back and she can smell the body from two blocks away. This is where she knew that change was coming

This is emmets uncle pointing out how killed his nephew. This is also shows how hard it was to go and point out the killer of his nephew

This picture shows the family going to the trial and how tought it was to go there. This also shows how hard it must be to enter the trial with that many people there.

This picture shows where it happened, how the person was and how big the trial was



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