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EmmaBy; Jane Austen Character Analysis

Emma Woodhouse

Emma Woodhouse is about to be 21 and she is very witty and charming. She never learned how to follow any guidance from anybody, she only followed her own guidance. She lived in Hartfield with her Father. When Emma judges anyone, her standards are from her hometown. She convinces herself that she makes the town’s standards. She has confidence in being able to re-write the Highbury Etiquette books.

Mr. Knightly is not the kind of person who is your typical ‘boy next door”. The only person that thinks this is Emma. He is a gentlemen and he owns most of the land in Highbury. He is decent and he is gorgeous, according to Mrs. Elton. He is the oldest son in his family, so he could inherit the Donwell Abbey, which is the largest estate in highbury. Mr. knightly is considered to be the perfect English gentlemen.

Harriet Smith is 17 and she is the ‘popular’ person in Mrs. Goddard’s academy. She is basically an orphan since she was dropped off at the school and no one claimed her as they daughter. She made a parlour border, meaning her dad paid her to have an amazing room at school. Emma basically creates Harriet’s’ past and future. Harriet is beautiful, humble and doesn’t have any kind of imagination.

Frank Churchill is well known in Highbury. Since he begins to visit his father, Higbury feels like they know him very well. But, he has never been to Highbury before. Since he has never been to Highbury he’s been the most talked about in the city. He is able to be compassionate, witty, a gentleman, and can be interested in anyone and everyone he meets. This is the perfect description of the perfect guy.

Jane Fairfax is more like a laidback girls. She is secretly engaged to Frank Churchill and she doesn’t tell anybody about her relationship with Frank. Her childhood consisted of being an orphan and basically becoming a young woman at a very young age, having to take care of herself without any help. She has the ability to sing, play the piano, sew and teach. Jane is about to be a governess. She is becoming a governess since she couldn’t find a husband and be married, weel besides from her secret engagement.

Mr. Woodhouse is in love with three things… His health, his doctor and Emma. He is basically the 2nd to owning much of the land, which is right next to Mr. Knightly. He isn’t smart, but he’s not dumb. He is generally oblivious to anything that doesn’t involve his comfort or death. Mr. Woodhouse doesn’t like change, he prefers to have nothing changing in his life. Oh, and Mr. Woodhouse is basically blind when it comes to the topic of Love.

Miss Bates is a sweet, generous, kind and thoughtful person. She loves gossip. She had grew up being a gentlewoman and became well-respected in Highbury. But after her family had left, she had to find a way to support herself. She lived off of charity before Emma had arrived.

Mr. Elton was a suitor for Emma. He is charming and handsome, he always finds a way to make a lady smile. But, since he couldn’t win Emma’s heart, he marries someone elso, who is now Mrs. Elton. He has a respectable status in society in Highbury. He was probably raised in a wealthy family and was raised to be a gentleman. Towards the end of the novel, Mr. Elton becomes more a faithful sidekick than an actual character.

Mrs. Elton is that she is rich. She is vulgar according to the Highbury standards. Mrs. Elton is very vulgar. She talks too much of her brother-in-law, and fawns her husband. Emma, Mr. Knightley and Jane Fairfax, just to name some, loathe Mrs. Elton. They try everything in their power to avoid Mrs. Elton. She sounds dreadful.

Mr. Weston was a former army captain. He had earned enough to buy land and marry the girl of his dreams. He learned that money has the ability to but love. Why? His first wife came from a rich family and didn’t really forgive him for being poor. Mr. Westons’ son, Frank was adopted by the Churchills after his wife died. He is a fair guy and believed the best people.

Mrs. Weston was Emma’s governess. She gains the love and support of Emma and the affections of Mr. Woodhouse. They’ve known her as Miss Taylor before she married Mr. Weston. She was the mother figure for Emma, even though she never really listened to her. She is a new housewife and lives in a place with social prominence which would be Randalls. She is a generous and a wise person, especially when giving Emma advice about anything.

Mr. John Knightley is Mr. Knightley’s younger brother. He was the brother that got the brains but not the one who got the social genes. He is the brother that makes sure that everybody knows he would rather be at home than anywhere else. He could be a jerk, but he shows everyone that he has a heart by loving his family. Mr. John is a family man, when people aren’t being stuck-up or is acting like an idiot, he is very nice.

Isabella Knightly is a loving mother, daughter and wife. She is Mr. Woodhouse’s daughter and Emma’s sister. She is like her father, having the fear of diseases. She is Mr. John Knightley’s wife and she spends majority of her time at home. She is usually compared to Emma by Mr. Knightley. He made it clear that Emma gets the better of her in his mind. This is mean.

Mr. Knightley

Frank Churchill

Miss Bates

Mr. Weston

Mrs. Weston

Mr. John Knightley

Harriet Smith

Jane Fairfax

Mr. Woodhouse

Mrs. Elton

Mr. Elton

Isabella Knightley



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