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Language Arts
English Language Learners ELL, ESL EFL

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Classroom Strategies: -ELD should incorporate academic and conversational language -Group students by language level during ELD, however do not segregate them the rest of the day-Teachers should provide corrective feedback, while making it known it is part of language learning rather than negative feedback-Develop vocabulary by using TPR, visuals, realia, focusing on cognates, and graphic organizers Family Support: -Build relationships with parents and families by having a bilingual night -Utilizing culture to expose students to literacy at home -Educating/informing parents of their rights and structure of the school and district

Classroom Strategies: - Adjust scheduling to fit student needs such as more time on activities - Adjust the settings so students feel supported by one-on-one time with teachers and other students - Utalize services available at school such as aides and other staff - Adapt equipment to meet students needs- Stay informed through conferences and workshops Family strategies: - Stay informed on research and how best to meet the child's needs - Be in constand contact with teacher and school staff to best support the child


English Language Learners

Student with Learning Disabilities

Similarities between ELL's and SPED

Support for Students, Teachers, and Families

Classroom Strategies:-Collaborative group work-Visual and Audio Aids -Utilize Graphic Organizers -Pull outs for extra support -Using realia

EL Support- SPED support-


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