Elizabeth Cady Stanton

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Born:November 12, 1815, in Johnstown, New York

1840:Attended the Anti-Slavery Convention in London.

1848:In July, Stanton, and many others, held the Seneca Falls Convention , here the Declaration of Sentiments was written.

1869:Stanton and Susan B. Anthony create the National Women's Suffrage Association

When Elizabeth married Henry Stanton she had the word obey omitted from the marriage oath.

Died:October 26, 1902

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Lesson Plans:Suffrage Lesson 1Lesson 2ECS Lesson 3

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Born in 1815, died in 1902. Elizabeth Cady Stanton lived her adult life trying to gain equal rights for all people, specifically women. She worked side by side with Susan B. Anthony. They created the NWSA and Elizabeth Cady Stanton traveled around the country giving speeches and lectures in the hopes of raising awareness and gaining more rights for all people. Her last speech was given in front of the House Judiciary Comittee; this speech was called "The Solitude of Self" it encouraged women to be responsible for themselves and be less relient on men.

Georgia Standard:SS4H7 The student will examine the main ideas of the abolitionist and suffrage movements.a. Discuss the biographies of Harriet Tubman and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.


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