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Education and Training

Median Wage~$46,594 anuallyJob Outlook~14.6% growth for this career;8.6% growth in all careersTypical DayWhen teaching kindergarten and/or pre-elementary education, I would need to plan lessons, such as colors and shapes, and set up classrooms. I would have to be able to work with kids in a group and individually. I would organize activites for my students to do, such as crafts and music.

Career Stats

Some skills needed for being a teacher would be...~Communication~When teaching little kids, it is important that I would clearly communicate my ideas patiently. I would also need to listen to the kids as they try to communicate to me.~Problem Solving~I need to notice when students need special attention in one aspect of the learning experience. I would need to experiment with different kinds of teaching, since some kids learn differently from others.~Managing~I need to make sure that students understand the material and that I can manage my schedule as well as the schedules of the students.

1.Graduate from college with a bachelor of arts (education) degrees2. Meet all test work and scores required3. Must pass a state-approved test4. At some schools, they may require a teaching master's degree in addition to the bachelor's degree.

Action Steps

Skills Needed and Personal Reflection

Education and TrainingPre-Elementary and Kindergarten Education

Mrs. Terry HillTEACHER OF THE YEARTerry Hill started her career as a theraputic teacher caring for the needs of children with emotional problems. Mrs. Hill went back to college to recieve her degree to be a kindergarten through sixth grade teacher.Terry sets strict guidelines and promotes anti-bullying in all of her classes.She also creates different themes for her classes, such as in March she does 'March Madness' and holds competitions in her classroom.

Career Spotlight

When you become a teacher, it is important to know what kind of school and classroom environment you would want to work with.I would be most interested in working at a private Christian school where I can teach the children about the Good News of Christ while in a classroom setting. I would like to either work at WCGS or at a preschool similar to the atmosphere of WCGS since that is where I grew up going and my experience there was terrific!

Company Brief

abby jones

I think that I would be a great person for this job because I have a lot of experience babysitting and I have two little sisters that I take care of a lot. I also have a lot of patience when it comes to impatient and crazy children. It is also important for me to train kids to live a God-fearing life from their youngest years.


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