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Ecuador's natural resources are fish, timber, petroleum, and hydropower, and their capitilist economy has developed very fast.

Ecuador by: Anusha M.

Most people of Ecuador are RomanCatholic because African slaves influenced it and in Ecuador there is not just one type of culture.

Ecuador was ruled over Spain for over three-hundred years and gained their independence in 1822 because Simon Bolivar and his armies defeated Spain.

Today, Ecuador's president is Rafael Correa and the governmentis republic.

Ecuador's climate is mostly humid tropical because it lies on the equatorand Ecuador has twelve hours of equatorial daylight for the whole year.

In Ecuador there are many jungles,costal plains, highanlands and they also get many floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptionsthat can affect the geography.

In Ecuador there are many typesof plants like orchids and bromelaids, andtheir national bird is the Andean Condor.

Ecuador's currency is a U.S. dollarand Manta, Ecuador is the tuna capital of the world.

There are many enviromental issues in Ecuador like erosion,natural disasters, deforstation, and Ecuador is planning to drill in the Amazon unless they get sixty-million dollars.



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