Economics Y4 Project- Cinema Operators

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Economics Y4 Project- Cinema Operators

Goods and Services

Online Ticketing Website (all three cinemas)

Online Advertising

Online Marketing

Partnership with banks/organizations:e.g. Visa, Nets, Debit and Credit card, passion card, NTUC card


Shaw House: Cathay Cineplexes: Golden Village:

*Increase preference of usage of electronic gadgets due to technological advancement and increase in disposable income

Increase convenience and efficiency of booking movie tickets

Ease of Credit

Attractive In-cinema Giveaways food and beverages, movie-related items, celebrity-related gifts

Increase Preference

Promotion for targeted group for specific non-peak timing and datee.g. Students, Family, Senior Citizen, Couple, Kids

$ Lower

$ Lower

Seat types:Standard single(including Wheelchair Berth)Gold Class, Gemini Couple ,GV Max(Cater to wide range of classes)-standard single-Elite -Ultima-Couple -Platinum(Cater to upper class)Standard singleIMAX LidoPremiere (Cater to middle class)

Special privileges given to Cinema Card member

$ Lower

Discounts on Food and Beverages

$ of complementary goods LowerQuanty demanded increses

Is it easy or difficult for new firms to enter the cinema industry? Why?

Increase Preference

More frequent usage of online social networking sites, apps etc (complements in consumption)

Information can be reach out easily and efficiently due to improved accessibility

Increase in awareness of cinema promotions and latest or upcoming movie information


Why do they adopt such strategies?

Existing firms are very strong in terms of uniqueness in their goods and services, facilities, price, promotion and advertising.

For a new firm to successfully enter the industry, it must find its uniqueness so as to leave an impression on the consumers and hence consumers will prefer the new firm over the current ones.

$ LowerQuantity Demanded for watching movie increase


Change in factors unrelated to $Increase in Demand

Ony 5 firms in Singapore

Cathay Cineplexes, Shaw House, Golden Village,(Main 3)Eng Wah Cinema, Filmgarde Cineplexes

High Input PricesHigh Competivity

Movies:- Digital- 3 Dimensional Food and beverages:Popcorn, snacks, sausage, drinks and etcHall Rental Servicesfor private party or large-scale corporate event

Special Selling PointGV Max Gold ClassPlatinum Movie SuitesIMAX TheatreShaw Premiere





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