[2015] rylee nelson (2015-2016 Reading, 2015-16 5th Grade Social, 2015-2016 Science): Earth's Changi

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Earth Sciences

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What Causes Earthquakes and Volcanoes ? Earthquakes are caused by by the interaction of the plates not the movement of magma. Volcanos are caused by the movement of magma.

Igneous rocks are formed when melted rock cools and hardens. Sedimentary rocks form when layers of materialsand rock particles settle on top of each other and then harden. Metamorphic Rocks that have changed because of great heat and pressure.

You can identify a mineral by its appearance and other properties.The color the luster the streak and the hardness.

Erosion is the movement of materials away from aplace. Erosion is a destructive process. Gravity is the main force causing erosion

There are two types of Weathering, Mechanical and Chemical. Weathering is a slow distructive process that breaks rock into smaller pieces called sediments.

What is the Structure of Earth?The mantle is the layer that makes up most of earths material. The inner core is the center of the Earth and is solid. The outer core is in the center but liquid. The crust is the outermost and thinest layer.

Earth's Changing Surface


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