Dust Bowl: Chelsea Mulliner

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Dust Bowl: Chelsea Mulliner

The Dust Bowl

Where?The dust bowl took place in Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico. It took place from 1934-1937.


How did people survive? People survived by getting any job they could to provide fot their family. Some people got jobs to go farm to farm and pick crops and some men joined the CCC.

What Happened?What caused the dust bowl, was over-farming, livestock overgrazing, drought, and poor family practices. Also, severe weather effected this too.

Who?Farmers and many workers lost there jobs. They lost there jobs because the ground and air was so dry that things couldn't grow. Deflation also caused the lost of jobs.

Extra Information:The Dust Bowl was known as the "Dirty Thirties". During this time, more than 100 acres of land was affected. In only one year, more than 6,500 people died. Drivers also had to drag chains behind their cars to make sure their cars wouldn't fly up. This is known as one of the worst disasters caused by humans. Also, many people lost their homes.



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