Dissection Frog (Biology)

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by Tehescmarts
Last updated 2 years ago

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  • doni99 4 years ago

    doni99's avatar

    Did you make a new glog on frog dissection? Wow....
    Alittle grotting when seein de inside of the poor frog but other than dat, cool glog :d

  • Tehescmarts 4 years ago

    Tehescmarts's avatar

    Hi Doni. Hope all is well. Yes, I was told there were copyright issues. Not sure on what but just in case pulled several of the images in hopes that all the offending ones are now gone. I am not as happy with this one.. With more time, I will draw my own pictures. Then you can see my amazing art!

  • doni99 4 years ago

    doni99's avatar

    Oh, good decision though! :)
    I am well thank u very much! You?
    I am hoping to see ur amazing art!