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What do you know about dinosaurs? Make a list of everything you think you know. When we learn new dino facts, we can add them to our list.

Dinosaurs lived on the earth millions of years ago. Everything looked very, very different then. Read a book about dinosaurs to find out how the weather and land were different. What are some things we can see that were not around when the dinosaurs were alive? Draw a picture of what the playground might have looked like to the dinosaurs.

If dinosaurs lived so long ago, how do we learn about them? Special scientists work to find out about dinosaurs and then teach everyone else. Read a book to learn about these scientists. What are they called? What kind of tools do they use? Try out their job by using a toothpick to get all the chocolate chips out of a chocolate chip cookie. Don't break any chips! Click on the scientist to learn about fossils.

IDid you know that we can sort dinosaurs by the kind of food they ate? Some dinosaurs only ate plants. They are called herbivores. Other dinosaurs only ate meat. They are called carnivores. You can tell what dinosaurs ate by looking at their teeth. If they have flat teeth, they are herbivores. If they have sharp teeth, they are carnivores. Click on the T-Rex to check out dinosaurs and learn whether they were herbivores or carnivores.

So dinosaurs were big, right? Well, lots were big, but some were also teeny tiny. Click the T-Rex to find out how many kids tall some dinosaurs were. Lay on the floor with your friends and measure yourselves with yarn or tape. What do you think is also that big? Is a bus or a car that long? Is a tree or a desk that tall?

Now that you know all about dinosaurs, click on the footprints to play some games!

Help the dinosaurs fit on the train.

Measure the dinosaurs.

Finish the footprint patterns.

Build your own dinosaurs.

Match the fossils.


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