Digital Citizenship

by lucyduck
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The 9 elements of Digital Citizenship

Digital Access:Digital Access means that not everybody has access to technology.

Digital Literacy: Digital Literacy means technology can be used to learn thing quickly. Google would be a good example of this.

Digital Commerce:Digital Commerce means a lot of people purchase things on the internet such as eBay and Amazon.

Digital Communication:Digital Comunication is like email ,texting, and Skype. You can communicate almost every body using this technology.

Digital Law: Digital Law means you need to follow the rules and respect the law.

Digital Security:There are dangers of the internet and people need to be aware of them.

Digital Etiquette: To be appropriate using the internet. Such as not posting random things and being responsible.

Digital Rights and Responsibilities:Everyone has the right to privacy. Everyone needs to follow the rights and reponsibilities to be productive.

Digital Health + Wellness:Using computers and other technology can effect you physically. You can damage your eyesight and posture.



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    Great start! Check your spelling as you go along using an online dictionary or the hard copy one in Room 10A. We may print these out so make sure all your text is readable and makes sense!
    Thanks Mme Crystal