Desiging an ELL Intervention Program

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Desiging an ELL Intervention Program

Designing an ELL Intervention Program

Limitations: - Small sample size- Difficulties in getting additional subjects- Interventions not as effective as other ELL supports- Lack of a control group- Conclusions may not be in line with larger studies

Read the full qualitative research study plan here!

Realizing the Potential of RTI: Considerations When Implementing RTI with English Language Learners

Which reading interventions are most effective in supporting the growth of ELL students?

Why? 1. 4.5 million ELLs in the U.S. 2. ELLs often misidentified as needing special education services3. Not all districts have enough ELLs to have large programs to support them

Data Collection:Before: STAR Testing, ACT Aspire/ACT, Student grades, teacher obeservations, initial interview, AIMSWeb probesDuring: Daily intervention data, AIMSWeb probes every two weeksAfter: STAR Testing, ACT Aspire/ACT, Student Grades, teacher obervations, concluding interview, AIMSWeb probes

- High School Students- Two ELLs- One Semester- One-on-one


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