Describe Contrast in Images

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Describe Contrast in Images

2. ) Decribe the contrasts within the single images.

You have already had the basics in controlling the technical aspects of your images. Now you must describe what someone else has done. The goal of this assignment is to refine your ability to communicate about visual information in a text format.

Photography - Describing Contrast

1.) Watch Video by Demi Lovato - Heart Attack

Different students will have different skill levels of vocabulary and composition. Those with weaker skills will get focused attention and aid from the instructor. They will get a word bank of words that they can use in their descriptions. This will aid in building their communication skills to the level of the rest of the students.

3. ) Select 2 of the images and compare them. What do the images say and how do they say it differently.

Image 3

Image 1

Image 2

High Impact Strategy: Seeing contrast and then describing it. This is a cross of left and right brain activity. This forces students to learn how to verbalize what they see. This lesson also takes the contrast to a second level by not just identifying contrast in images but also between images' context.


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