Day Of The Dead

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Day Of The Dead

Welcome to theDay of the Dead! This glogster is about traditional celebrations in Mexico.It begins at midnight on October 31 through November 1.

adult souls can come and visit thier loved ones on earth.

On the first day of Day of the Dead the gates of heaven open and the souls of dead children are the first to visit their loved ones still on earth. On the following day the gates will open again and the

''Dia De Los Muertos''means Day of the Dead

Day of the Day By Kylee Skinner

that can be used to make the suger skull more personal.suger skull are colorful,whimsical, andcheerful,sometimes humorous.

Also thier is food on the altars to help feed and nourish traveling souls.Also you can find suger skulls.Suger skulls are decorated with bright color,feathers,flowers,hats, and other objects

On those days the familys mak altars. Altar is a table of offerings for the dead. The offerings mostly contans thier dead ones picture,personal belongings,papel picado,wreathe, crosses, flowers.


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