Day for Change

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Day for Change

UNICEF helps...

‘Change your clothes’On Wednesday donate £one pound and come dressed as the job you want to do when you grow up....All students taking part will receive a citizenship commendation and there will be prizes for the best dressed.Years 7 - 9Take on the role of a teacher for one period on Wednesday 28th:- You will nominate 3/4 students to become a 'teaching team'- Student ‘teachers’ will plan and deliver the 50 minute lessonYears 10 and 11Students will have the opportunity to change roles with adults across the school for one period during the Day for Change...- Select the role you would like to do- Roles will be drawn at random- Students will need to complete a teacher release form signed by the teacher giving them permission to take part

Day for Change 2012


A healthy body, a healthy mind. This is the philosophy behind the Sports for Development programme, which is now in its fourth year at Senaoane Secondary School in Soweto, South Africa. The school has come a long way since being identified as the most critical school for violence in Gauteng Province in 2007.

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