David Yates

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David Yates

Common MotifsDavid Yates has two motifs he uses commonly that of friendship and adventure

"People who work in television often don't think they can trust film makers because they are supposed to be a bit more arty and self indulgent, and people in film might think anyone who works in television is a hack. If we had more filmmakers working in television, and more television writers and directors working in film, we'd have a much healthier and more vital industry."

FilmsThe Legeng of Tarzan (2016)Fantastic beasts and where to find them(2016)Harry Potter years 5-8 (2007-2011)

Awards/ NominationsEmpire Award: Best Director(2012) People's Choice Award for Best European Film (2008)ADG's Outstanding Contribution to Cinematic Imagery Award (2012)

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