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daisy's homework


Save the Whales

Whale Facts*They grow up to 33 meters long.*Weigh up to 110 tonnes.*They can eat up to 3500 kg's of krill a day.* There tongue weighs as much as an elephant.*When the whales come to the surface to exhale the water sprays 9 meters in the air.*There only predators are the humans and killer whales.

I had three ideas for my project- whaling, removing shark fins and Deforestation. I chose whaling because I feel very passionate about whaling. I am a greenpeace member and I like researching about whales as you can see I have facts over in the left side of this. Humans have nearly wiped out the species and there are not many left we have to protect them or future generations will never witness the beauty of these animals. I chose to present my infomation in the form of a glogster because you are able to interact more on a website.

Whaling Report

How can we harm and kill these magnificent creatures.


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