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Run right into the living room and see what caused the big crash.

What action should Gloria take?

Her head was in the fridge searching for something to eat when suddenly she heard an enormous crash! It sounded like breaking glass and it had come from the living room. Gloria was paralyzed with fear! She was home alone. Should she run into the other room and see what caused the noise? Should she grab her cell phone and call 9-1-1? Or should she call her mom at work and ask for advice, even though she knew her mom had an important meeting scheduled that afternoon?

After emptying her backpack on the dining room table, she headed to the kitchen looking for a snack to hold her over until dinner. Her parents wouldn't be home for another hour.

In a small town due south of here, a young girl by the name of Gloria was just arriving home after a busy day at school. There was lots of homework on the agenda for tonight!

Use her cell phone to call 911 to report suspicious activity to the police.

Call her mother at work and ask her what to do.



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