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Rule 7: Help keep flame wars under control- Flaming" is what people do when they express a strongly held opinion without holding back any emotion. It's the kind of message that makes people respond, "Oh come on, tell us how you really feel." Tact is not its objective.

Rule 4: Respect other people's time and bandwidth

Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you follow in real life- (rule#2) Be yourself online, don'ty pretend to be somebody you're not.

Remember the Human- (rule #1) Standup for yourself, but try not to hurt other people's feelings

Cyber-bullying is DUMB!

Rule 6: Share expert knowledge

Make yourself look good online- (rule #5)

Know where you are in cyber space - (rule #3) Don't gossip or make rumors online because vereyone can see it if it's not true.




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