Cyber Safety

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Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety

STEP ONEUse the resources provided to learn something new about cyber safety. On the Edmodo class page, share: 1. what you have learned, 2. your educated opinion (a personal experience related to cybersafety, or simply discuss how you feel about what you have learned), and 3. a link to the resource you chose. You are also encouraged to comment upon at least one post of your schoolmates. View the Educated Opinion rubric to understand how you will be graded on this classwork assignment.

Click: Cyber Safety Videos

STEP TWOComplete the Edmodo Quiz. It is based upon the Edmodo Game you played in Objective #1.

STEP THREEMeet with your group during the last five minutes of class. Take a look at these topic suggestions together and decide on your topic:

Click: Cyber Safety Resources

Click: Rubric

Click: Blog Video

STEP FOURIf you have time, watch the video about blogs then watch at least one video about cyber safety.


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