Cumfy Bag

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Cumfy Bag

A spinoff technology is something that NASA used first, and then let everyone else be able to use it. A spinoff is usually good for the enviroment and has multiple uses.

Our sleeping bag has heat packs that can be inserted with velcro pockets that keeps you warm. It also has a memory foam pillow and lining in the inside. The pillow can detach and reatach.

Memory foam, also called temper foam, helps us. NASA uses it for crash protection and it helps us get a good nights sleep. It is also put in seats.

Space Blankets are thin layers of alliumni foil. It helps your body get at a good tempature after running. NASA uses space blankets for sheilding the Hubble. You can also use space blankets for emergencies and camping.

Our spinoff is a sleeping bag with memory foam in it. It will also have a memory foam pillow that can attach and detach with velcro. Inside there will be velcro pockets to put heat packs p in so people won't get to cold in their sleeping bags It will have a space blanket lining the inside. This is our spinoff.

NASA uses velcro so the astronauts could keep all their tools and supplies from floating away...people on Earth use velcro to keep their shoes from


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