Criminal Profiler

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Criminal Profiler

Pay RangeThe average salary for Criminal Profiler in Pemberton, New Jersey is $45,863. If you were to work as a Criminal Profiler in Pemberton, New Jersey you could expect a starting salary of $37,770. You could expect to make a salary of around $53,957 after some time.

DescriptionCriminal profiling is an investigative profession used to assist law enforcement and government agencies pursuing unknown perpetrators. Essentially, the criminal profiler's job is to create a psychological profile of a criminal suspect, which can then be used to help catch the suspect. This is done by examining evidence from the crime, interviewing witnesses and victims, and analyzing crime scenes.

DescriptionYour text hereDegree requirements for criminal profiling are not specifically outlined, in part because it's such a small field and there are a very limited number of degrees specific to only criminal profiling. Your best bet is to get a dual degree in psychology and criminal justice, and to then gain job experience working in law enforcement, ideally as an investigator. A master's degree in forensic psychology or the behavioral sciences can also help advance your career.

Daily ActivitiesMany of the in-office daily activities of a criminal profiler include the preparation of paperwork for use in presentations to law enforcement agencies both on the local and federal level and also include the completion of research in important cases regarding crimes of a serial nature. Criminal profilers jobs are also mainly responsible for assisting in the most important aspects of investigations, conducting interviews with witnesses and other involved parties, reviewing photos and other evidence found at crime scenes, conducting high-threat evaluations and the coordination of various strategies to be used with the prosecution.

Places of EmploymentCriminal profilers commonly work for local, state or federal law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Additionally, there are criminal profilers that work independent of such agencies and provide their services upon request to lawyers, police departments and government agencies such as the FBI or National Security Administration (NSA).

Criminal Profiler

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