CRHS Groups/Cliques

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CRHS Groups/Cliques

Tyler Carter 3rd period

Most groups/cliques in our school are spread out and easy to idnetify. They have their own hangout spots and their own way of acting which is very distinct from all of theother groups/cliques.

Jocks- Act tough all the time- Plays sports- Some good Athletes some are not- Socializes with the populars

Preps-Wears the best clothes- Family is wealthy - some are snobby and act better thaneverybody else- Plays Sports

Smart Populars- Take all the hard classes- everybody knows them- High expectations after high school- Plays Sports

CRHS Cliques/Groups

Weirdos- Socially akward - only associates with other weirdos - considered oucasts- does not play any sports

Deliquents- Destructable-Dont care about nothing- Smokes / Drinks-Skips school- Some may play sports

Nerds- Loves video game-Reads alot of different ypes of books- Socially akward, unless with other nerds with the same interest- Does not play sports



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