Creating Laws that Ensure Equity for ALL

by DoresiaStallingsWilliams
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Creating Laws that Ensure Equity for ALL

Expansion of charter schoolsOpportunity scholarshipsLost of teacher tenure ' longevity

2014 Targets

Funding for education ' Voted ID bill

Laws that affect ALL citizens

The Citizens of North Carolina 2014

New voter ID billsMilitary eligible for Pre-K admissionRejection of Affordable Care Act

Main Events

More emphasis on testingStudents just doing schoolPay for Excellence begin

Unintended Outcomes:

NC Legislative Agenda

Teacher Licensure


Horace Mann...

Renewal license change from 7.5 to 8 CEUs.

State workers are given 5 hours per month to volunteer in public schools.

"An educated people is a more industrious and productive people."

Protecting ALL people



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