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The Craziness of Life by Natalie S.

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31 December 2009 McGee-zine Staff

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The Craziness of Life

As life starts to speed upIt seems impossible slow downConstantly rushing aroundThere is no time to breathYou force yourselfTo keep goingYour lifeAnd the world whizzes by your eyesIn one moment an hour has passedIn a blinkA day is doneLife in fast motion isNotFunStress becomes a part of youAnd no matter what you accomplishStress in stuck to you like glueBusy, busy, busyAlways busyNot a moment to spareBut life goes onAnd time flys byAnd as this happensFrustration growsAnd growsAnd growsUntil you want to burstAnd screamIts like the world is against youAnd no one understandsBut as you feel these emotions Only one question is on your mindWhy do I have to do this?It seems unfairAnd unreal of how complex life isWe have all heard the saying life’s not fairBut as the craziness of life comes at youYou can’t help but think to yourselfWhy can’t it?


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