Crater Lake

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Crater Lake

Crater Lake

How was Crater Lake formed?The lake was formed after the collapse of the volcano, Mount Mazama. This volcano erupted approximately 7,700 years ago. That eruption was 42 times as powerful as the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens. The basin or caldera was formed after the top 5,000 feet of the volcano collapsed. This caused lava flows to be sealed at the bottom, allowing the caldera to fill with around 4.6 trillion gallons of water from rainfall and snow melt, to create the seventh deepest lake in the world at 1,932 feet.

What are the two islands called?There are two islands in Crater Lake. One is called Wizard island, which is the largest of the two, and the other is called the Phantom's ship.

Random Fact about Crater Lake:-It has a floating tree trunk in the middle of the lake that is completely vertical. It is called "The Old Man of the Lake"

FeatureMetric unitImperial unitmaximum depth (July 2000)594 m1,949 ftmaximum depth (Year 1959)589 m1,932 ftminimum depth (near Phantom Ship)5-8 m15-25 ftaverage depth350 m1,148 ftmax diameter of caldera at the rim9.7 km (east-west)6.02 mi (east-west)min diameter of caldera at the rim7.3 km (north-south)4.54 mi (north-south)surface area52.9 km220.42 mi2, 13,069 acreshighest peak in the park (Mount Scott)2,721.6 m8,929 fthighest peak on the rim (Hillman Peak)2,484.4 m8,151 ftaverage height of the caldera rim2,188 m above sea level(305 m above lake surface)7,178 ft above sea level(1,000 ft above lake surface)record clarity depth (August 1994)40.8 m134 ftaverage clarity depth27.4-30.5 m90-100 ft




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