Cosmetology Steps

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Cosmetology Steps


1POLISHINGCutting of nails for giving of necessary length by it and forms - the first step to beauty of your feet. Long nails under the pressure of footwear can break, and too short - to grow into a skin and to cause painful sensations.Ideal such length of nails when they do not reach finger edge a little is considered. Cut nails on a straight line. At cutting of a nail of a thumb do some short movements.Round off slightly corners of nails to prevent their growing. Straighten nails with a crystal nail file. File them in one direction.Slightly polish nails. Work as a polishing file cautiously, moving to one direction.

2REMOVAL OF THE COARSENED SKINTrays soften a skin, therefore now it is a high time to remove its coarsened sites. But do not overdo - standing there should be a thick protective layer of a skin.Remove stratifications of the become horny skin on by means of a file or a scraper.Soft circular motions massage a foot, rinse and dry up.To make for feet it is possible independently. Mix 2 table spoons crushed flakes, 1 table spoon of sea salt, 2 table spoons of olive oil and some drops of freshening essence, for example mints peppery.

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3SKIN HUMIDIFYINGThe skin is standing inclined to dryness. Especially it concerns with a foot on which is much less sebaceous glands, than on other parts of a body.Put on each finger of a few cream for and easy massage movements rub it in sites round a nail bed. Can take advantage of vitamin E or oil of sweet almonds.Take humidifying cream or oil and put it on feet, beginning from fingers and finishing anklebones. Massage a skin, special attention giving to heels.Before drawing on nails of a base covering wipe their cotton wool moistened in a liquid for removal of a varnish to remove the fat rests.


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