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School's out for Summer!!  Wow! Time flies!  Our kiddos did a great job returning their books!  There are only 9 books out at this time.  As I do inventory, I will be looking for them, but please continue to look for them at home. Worthington Public Libraries' Summer Reading Program is in full swing.  Click on the image to the right for more information.  I look at my email weekly during the summer, so please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. It's mmickey@wscloud.orgWe had a great book fair!! We received $1200.00 in cash and over $800.00 in Scholastic Dollars. I've asked the kids for ideas to see what they would like to have in our Library. More robots is a frequent response, and also, more books!Our Read Across America Week is next week.  Visit our Virtual Library for more information!Here we are at the end of January and looking forward to our next Scholastic Book Fair in our school library February 7 - 11, 2022.  Click on the Image to the right for more information. The ALA Book Awards were announced on Monday. You can find some results below or visit the ALA website. We had our own Mock Caldecott in grades 1-5 and our students chose 3 of the books that won the Award or Honor award. Happy New Year!  Hope this post finds you well and ready to return to school. Our Storywalk was installed, but we have to move some of our posts, so when that is done, we will have a new story to tell. Thanks to the people who fixed one of our posts. Evidently the top was removed and has been replaced. Thanks to our 6th grade class from last year and EMI, Inc. for making our StoryWalk a possibility. January is the month when the ALA announces their book awards for books written in 2021.  The awards will be announced beginning at 8am on January 24th. We have lots of award winning books on display in the library, waiting to be checked out! Just a heads up - our  next Scholastic Book Fair will be February 7 - 11, 2022. It will run just like our October fair. Stay tuned for more information.This week we will be reading some Halloween Stories in K-2 and creating Comics in 4/5.  We will do some review of nonfiction text features in 3rd grade. focusing on how these features help us understand what we are reading.Our in-school Book Fair is now over and it was a good one!  Thanks to all of you!  We are at just a little over $6,300 in total sales.  Our Online Book Fair runs until October 24th.  We still get 25% of what we sell online in Scholastic Dollars up until the 24th. If you missed the Fair, or didn't find what you wanted in our in-school Fair, visit Online. Click on the Book Fair picture to the right to get to our Book Fair homepage and our Online Book Fair link.This week is Graphic Novel Week and we will be talking about the features of graphic novels in all grades. Happy October!!  We have spent the month learning how to use our library and beginning our Keyboarding Without Tears typing program.  Ask your kids about it. You can find it on the HelloID page. Please encourage your kids to practice two or three times a week for 10 - 15 minutes.  Encourage good posture and the Home Row keys starting position.  In Memory of 9/11, we traced our hands and made the American Flag.. Many hands responded that day to help the people of NYC.  Our Scholastic Book Fair begins October 11th and runs through the 14th. Students may buy during their Related Arts Library Class and after school until 6pm preferably with a parent. It's hard to believe it is September already. Our kids are doing a great job showing how to be respectful, responsible, safe, and kind in our Library. We have been reviewing Library procedures, and how to care for and check out our Library books. It is a good sign when there are more books coming back in than I can put back on the shelf on any given day!  We have a lot of new books and 4th and 5th got to sample them during their class book tasting. There were placemats, menus, flowers on the table, and some piano music to set the mood! We have had a good response to our morning checkout. We have quite a few regulars that stop in to get a new book almost every day! Welcome Back to another school year.  My how the time flies. I was able to do a lot of reading over the summer, and I am excited to share all our new books with you. Things will be more normal in the library when we get back. We will resume morning checkout and noon options which will give you more opportunities to check out books. I have some new makerspace activities that I think you will enjoy, including a roller coaster making game. I'm not sure at this point how our Fall Book Fair will look, but have no fear, we will have one.  Stay tuned for more information. Until, next week, enjoy the last days of summer!!We are finishing up a month of Poetry.  Our Poetry wall will be coming together to showcase all the poems our kids have written. Look for pictures that I will post soon.  We are nearing the end of the school year and it is time to get our Library books back to the Library. I will be checking out through May 14th. As long as students do not have overdues, they can check out. I will be sending out overdue notices this week. If you have any questions about books your child has out, you can email me at Worthington Public Library will be having a Summer Reading Program. from June 1st - July 31st. Stay tuned for more details. Happy February!! We just finished up our Scholastic Book Fair, and given the restrictions related to Covid, we had a great fair!  Our sales were right around $4000.00 and we were able to give away lots of books to students and buy books for our school library. A Win-Win! Thank you Colonial Hills Families and Community!I have a link to the right that reads Digital Literacy This website is our go to for lessons in Online Safety, Digital Citizenship, and Keyboarding Skills. The link will take you to a document that tells you how to sign in through HelloID.  This month is Black History Month. In Library Related Arts we are highlighting African American authors and learning about them through Read Alouds and online research. We just finished our first week with kids back in school and it was wonderful. Even better was having them back in the Library! January is a big month in the Library world. January 25th, the ALA will announce the Youth Media Awards given to outstanding literature for teens and children. Look below for the streaming link and watch the awards beginning at 8:00am CT..Library related arts will be back in the library beginning tomorrow, November 16th. We got a little creative with our seating and with the addition of some desks, we are able to accommodate even the largest of our classes and maintain the 6 feet of social distance. I enjoyed traveling to classrooms, but I am looking forward to students getting to pick from ALL of our books when they check out!Well, we had a great Book Fair! We sold $3,408.86 worth of books and earned $852.20 in Scholastic dollars to spend in the Scholastic Store!!  Thank so much to our Colonial Hills community for your continued support of our Library program.  Thanks to a generous donation, I am still giving away books from the book fair every morning. Our Scholastic Book Fair starts tomorrow, October 12th. Click on the links to the right to view our flyer and to get to our Fair Homepage. Search the Scholastic Store or View the Virtual Book Fair.  We receive 25% of our total sales which helps buy books and other instructional related materials for our library! Orders will be shipped to your homes and shipping is free for orders over $25.00.  Thanks so much for your support!  Don't forget that you can request books to borrow from our library. See the instructions to the right. Look in our catalog, fill out the form, and I will bring the books to your classroom!  Easy, peasy!Curbside pick-up last Friday went well!  One more this Friday and then we are back in school. I will be bring books to classrooms for checkout, but you can still order books using the Book Request form and I will deliver those books to classrooms. I will eventually have one class a day in the Library and we will checkout then also. So many new ways to do things, but we will make it work!Book Fair will be online this year from October 12th through the 25th.. With our small space, I didn't feel we could safely browse. See our interactive flyer to the right!. More info to follow!Wow, Our first two weeks went by in a flash!  I wanted to try to post weekly!! I think we had a great start!  It was so good to see everyone on Zoom.  I was happy to see that sooooo many of you have been reading a lot!  We looked through our Virtual Library and the ways we can find books to read.  Grades 4-6 joined their Google Classrooms (please see the instructions in Seesaw if you haven't joined yet!), and everyone is getting used to using Seesaw!  I am going to begin checkout with curbside pick-up starting this Friday.  Book requests have to be to me by Wednesday evening so I can pull the books for Friday. Instructions are in Seesaw Library classes and on the Virtual Website. These next two weeks we will be going into our library catalog, to learning how to search for books, how to take care of our books, and how to request books for checkout.  Have a good week!One more week and we will be back together, although not the way we had hoped, but we will make the best of a not so predictable situation.  Fortunately, the Covid can't keep us from reading and there are plenty of digital resources available for us to use.  You may have noticed the elementary Kiosk is no more, but HelloID has all the resources we used on the Kiosk. Click on the the link to the right and explore for yourself.  You may have to put your username and password in a second time for some of the apps. You can sign up for a Worthington Library card online and search their databases for Bookflix, Trueflix, Tumblebooks, Digital Downloads and more.  Our library catalog contains ebooks house in Follett Shelf. Click on the link and use the username: colonial and the password: books. Explore some of the other links to the right as well.I'm hoping you will be able to check out books and pick them up curbside. We are still in the process of figuring that out and I will let you know as soon as it is a go!Looking forward to seeing you this week in the building and Zooming with you next week!  Enjoy your last week of summer!It is summertime.  I hope you are able to get out and get some fresh air every day. Find a shady spot under a tree and read a book, or an eBook on your device.. The Worthington Library's Summer Reading Program runs through July 20th. Turn in your reading log to be eligible for prizes.Hi All, I've been working to get my website updated and back online so all my communications can be in one place. I miss you all already and hope that you are finding great ways to use your time as we thrive through these next few weeks together.      To encourage reading of all sorts, I've put some links to the right for online Read Alouds.  BookFlix is available on our district Kiosk page.  Don't forget Digital Downloads for Kids and Tumblebooks on the Worthington Public Library Website     All students have logged in and used and/or has modules for keyboarding and computer literacy. Wixie ( Grades K-2) is used for writing and drawing. It's great for young children to write and draw about what they have read.  I've put links to login directions to the right in case you may have trouble.  I have everyone's login information with me, so if you need help or your username and password, email me at     I also added a link to Scholastic Learn at home which offers daily activities for learning set up by grade level. You need to set up free accounts to BookFlix and Scholastic's Watch and Learn.Happy Back to School!!  We had a great first three days! It's always good to see the kiddos after a long summer break. Our first rotation is spent reviewing Library procedures and browsing all our new books on display.  Morning checkout begins tomorrow, Monday, August 19th, and students will be able to check out in class during our next rotation that begins on Wednesday, the 21st.  Kindergarten will begin checkout in a couple of weeks after we are used to the routine of coming to the library.  If you would like your student's login information, feel free to email me at and I will share it with you.  We finally received our new Library Chromebooks. The transition for the kids from laptops should be fairly seamless. Hope you are having a restful summer and getting some reading in.  There is some excitement in the Library as we have gotten new tables and chairs and a new seating bench for in the fiction area. I'll also have some new books to greet you when you return in August! See you then!Well,  it is hard to believe it is May and summer break is just around the corner.We just finished up our poetry unit and the Poetry wall was amazing.  It is so much fun to see what our students create.I have been sharing information with the kids  about the Summer Reading Club at the Worthington Libraries. The program runs May 28th to July 28th. You can register at any of the Worthington Libraries or online. See the image below.I'm sending home a bookmark with our students that shares online resources they can get to over the summer for reading, keyboarding or educational fun. All these websites can be accessed from Quick Links on our school website.  Look for the link: Worthington Schools Online Resources. I am having them put their school username and password on the bookmark so they have it to use for and Wixie.  From home, make sure you select Log in with Clever on the Log in pages..August 2018 Hard to believe another school year is upon us. I hope your summer was refreshing and full of books.  I was able to get over to KMS a few times during the summer, and it was good to see many of our past and present students there for the scheduled Public Library sessions.  I apologize for my lack of updates on this blog. I promise to do better this year.  I'm not really happy with the Glogster format, but I have so much archived with Glogster, I don't want to lose any pictures, videos and other information.  I will continue to work with it until I find another way to share our library info. We are returning to a lot of new books that I am excited to show everyone.. I will start checkout during the second RA rotation for grades2-6.  Our related arts staff is not traveling this year so I should be able to checkout most mornings this year. If you have any questions, you can always email me at  See you soon!  January 1, 2018 Happy New Year!!! Hope everyone had a restful break. and did a lot of reading and relaxing. January and February are a fun time in Library world because of the Book Awards that will be given to the best books of 2017 on February 12th. Look below to find links for the most well know awards that we talk about with our kids this month.Our next Book Fair will begin February 5th. We will be looking for help during our sale times, so let me know if you are interested.March 1st we will be hosting Columbus storyteller Lyn Ford. Click on her photo to the right to visit her webpage. October 3, 2017 September flew by and here we are in October!! It is Internet Safety Month and our lessons will focus on Appropriate Online Behavior, Social Networking, and Cyberbullying.. I have intruduced most grade levels to Grades 3-6 are using a new program for Keyboarding in call Adaptive Keyboarding. After taking a pre-test, further lessons are personally adapted to strenghths and particular fingering students are having trouble with. The program adapts as they become faster and more accurate, and is never 'completed.' This should be their go to typing program at home. Grades K-2 use but are learning where the letters are on the keyboard, and learning beginning finger placement in second grade.The kids are looking forward to our Scholastic Book Fair coming up on October 16th. Click on the pic to the right for more information.August 1st, 2017 It has been a good summer, with lots of reading, relaxing, and playing. I'm getting back into school mode, especially with the solar eclipse happening on August 21st. Click on the image to the right to find information about viewing the eclipse safely, and what it will look like in Ohio. We have a lot of new books waiting for our return. Also, thanks to our successful book fairs, I was able to purchase supplies for our new Creation Station makerspace! And, I got a new Osmo game - Coding Jam. What fun! I hope many of you successfully completed the Worthington Public Libraries Summer Reading Program. Many thanks to their librarianswho came to Sharon Green every Wednesday with new books to check out and some freebies as well. Thanks also to Colonial Hills staff who came to be with our kids! See you soon!April, 2017. It's Poetry Month already. All grades are having fun with different kinds of poetry, even those students who are not big fans of poetry. We are finding we can all create it if we put some effort into it and write about things we enjoy! We will have poetry slams for all grades at the end of the month. I will post videos! Be sure to look for our poetry on the wall outside the Library.December 30, 2016. It's hard to believe 2016 is almost over. It certainly flew by. I was pleasantly surprised when our new Smart Board was installed just before we left for winter break. We have already found some fun library games to play, Thanks so much to our school community for your generosity during our October Book Fair. We earned enough Scholastic Dollars to cover the cost of the board, and the district pitched in to provide the projector and installation.January is always an exciting time in the Library world as the 2017 Youth Media Awards are announced.. The winners will be annouced on January 23, 2017 at the ALA Midwinter meeting. The awards celbrate original and creative work in the field of children’s and young adult literature and media.Our second Scholatic Book Fair will be held in the Library February 6 - 10th. If you can volunteer, please contact Joyce Miroslaw.November 2016. A huge thanks to our school community for another record breaking book fair!! We were able to purchase a SmartBoard for the Library and it should be installed sometime in January. October was Internet Safety Month, and grades 1-6 were re-introduced to contains Internet Safety, social networking, and keyboarding activities for the students to complete that are compliant with erate funding requirements. We had fun in the primary grades reading Autumn and Halloween books, and learning about the parts of a book. Kindergarters logged into Wixie for the first time using their school username and password. They did a great job!Third graders are reviewing nonfiction text features and how they help us understand what we read. Fourth graders are learning strategies for Internet searching and evaluating websites. Fifth graders have been applying what they know about the 5 W's and 1 H to news articles. We read a great article about 3-D printers and how they'll soon be using them in space to turn trach into spare parts! Sixth graders are beginning work on book trailers using Animoto.October 2016. Our Library Media Center has undergone an amazing transformation!! Many thanks to Michael Boudreault and Chris McDaniels of Artisans Rooms for the beautiful mural they created.! They will return in November to finish the back wall. It has been so much fun to see the expressions on everyone's faces as they walk in, especially those who didn't see it happen over the four days they painted. It is a dream come true for me. Those walls have been screaming for some color!!We are finishing up our Library orientation in grades K-2. We learned or reviewed the different kinds of books we have in our library and how those books are organized on the shelves. 3rd graders have been researching and creating slide show presentations on Rocks and Minerals. We have used World Book Kids in INfoho and learned how to give credit for the resources we used. Fourth grade has been using print and online encyclopedias while doing some mini research. We explored interactive maps in 5th grade, and 6th grade has been learning about the Election process.Welcome Back Everyone!! We have had a great start to our new school year in the library! It has been fun to hear of all the books our kids read this summer. Look for the Olympic rings out in the hallway to see some of the award winning books our kids have read. The first three rotations we will be reviewing library procedures, how to take care of library materials, and how to use the online catalog to find books in the different sections of the library. Students will be allowed to check out books the second rotation. Please help them to find a safe place for their books when they are at home, and help them remember to return their books on time.I apologize for any links that do not work on this page. I am working with Glogster to restore links that were removed.Hope you are having a great summer!! Go Cavs!! Besides watching basketball, I've been catching up on my reading. Look to the right for a link to Book Reviews and Animotos to see summaries of the books I've read.. I hope many of you have signed up for the Worthington Libraries Summer Reading Club. Click on the image to find registration and prize information. Keep reading!!! If you would like to write a review of a book you've read, do so and email it to me. I will post it on the book review page. My email is 24, 2016 We've been creating poetry in the library this month and all of our poems will be making their way to the Poetry wall this coming week, just in time for the art show. Poetry slams are this coming week where we bring our lunches and share our favorite poems with our friends! We will be having an author visit on May 10th for grades K - 3. Coach Sloth will be with us for three presentations in the library in the morning.. He is a former football player for Iowa State and the Columbus Destroyers. He has played a footbal player on the silver screen in 5 movies, including We Are Marshall and The Dark Knight Rises. His books promote sports and sportsmanship and his most recent book is about bullying. An order form for his books will be sent home. Join us for one of his presentations.February 14, 2016 Happy Valentine's Day! Just want to share the love with our Colonial Hills Community and thank you for another successful Scholastic Book Fair!! Our sales totaled $5976.00 whick is more than we have ever sold at this time of year. Our profit was almost $2600.00 in cash and Scholastic Dollars which goes toward the purchase of books, technology, and author visits. I recently purchased 8 Kindle Fire's for our library and am in the process of loading them with educational books and apps to use during our Library Related Arts and Noon Options. So thank you again for your support of our Library Program.Save the Date for March 4th when we will be celebrating Dr. Seuss at our first Colonial Hills Elementary Read Across America Event. The event will be from 7:00 to 8:30. There will be games, crafts, storytellers, a light craft and more. Don't miss it!!January 18, 2015 Brrrrrrrrrr. Hope alll are staying warm on this Martin Luther King Jr. Day. and giving trubute to Dr. King and the impact he had on the hears and minds of this nation. This pas week was an exiciting one for the literary world as the 2016 ALSC Book and Media Awards were announced for books written in 2015. Click on the link to the right to see the winners. We had our own mock book awards in the library for grades 1-3. We read some award hopefuls and voted for the ones we liked best. I'll be sharing the results with the kids this week. Our Scholastic Book Fair will take place February 1-5. Our online fair opens January 22nd and runs through February 11th. Proceeds from the Book Fair provide books, technology, and author visits for our school library and school.November! The year is flying by!! We had a great time with our author Michael Patrick O'Neill on November 6th. All our students contributed to our ocean habitat that was outside of the library. We had a lot of fun researching fish, coral reefs, sea turtles, and even ocean pollution. Happy October!This is Book Fair Month and we are getting ready for our Scholastic Book Fair that takes place October 19 - 23. in our school library. Click on the Book Fair photo for more information. If you can't visit the Fair, you can shop from home using the Online Book Fair.September 7, 2015Spending a quiet Labor Day getting caught up and preparing for the weeks ahead. We have had a great start to our year and have had some fun reviewing Library procedures and checking out all the new books we received over the summer. Remember that books are due back within 2 weeks or as soon as you are done reading them. Remember to show Cougar Pride when our books are in your possession, and bring them back on time so others may enjoy them too! I'm trying something new this year, a question of the month. I started with four questions in August and immediately realized that was too many, so we'll see how this month goes. While the fun is finding the answer, I really want to know where your got your information, so remember to cite the webiste or book where you found your information.. Click on the question to answer via Survey Monkey!August 2015: Welcome back!! It was a fun summer but it went too fast. My favorite read was ECHO by Pam Nunez Ryan.. It is a fantasy/historical fiction combo with global settings and intricately, but suprising connections. We have many new books on display in the Library. Come visit and see what we have.!The first few weeks are spent learning about the Library for Kindergarteners, and reviewing Library procedures for 1 - 6. 6th graders are checking out this week, and 1 - 5 students will begin checking out next week. Students are sharing books they read over the summer on our Star Reviews bulletin board. We have some new 3-D books that I have put in a center that students can browse during checkout time.Mark your calendars for November 6th. Underwater photographer Michael Patrick O'Neill will be visiting our school and sharing his books of ocean life..Feel free to visit our library anytime. If you would like to help out occasionally, please email me at and we can meet and talk about what you would like to do. We need help during our Book Fairs that will run this year October 19 - 23, and February 1 - 5. As always, thank you for supporting our Library program.We had two fun assemblies with Rafael Rosado as he introduced us to his new book Dragons Beware! He talked about the writing and illustrating process, shared a brief summary of the book, and demonstrated how to draw a dragon and Claudette with our students and staff. Bo O'leary, Griffin Royce, and Josie Norman were our dragon drawing contest winners. Each one received an autographed copy of Dragons Beware from Mr. Rosado. See the photo link to the right.April fles by and now it's May! We had a great poetry month in the library. Many went out of the box to read and write poetry. Visit our poetry slams by clicking on the links in the Photo/Video box to the right.May 18th is the day all Library materials need to be returned to the library. Notices will be sent home in Friday folders in the next week.May 8th Rafael Rosado will be at our school to share his new graphic novel Dragon's Beware. Please join us for the assemblies.March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Let's hope so! It has been a long winter! Read Across America was a lot of fun with lots of Dr. Seuss happening in the Library. 3rd grade watched the Lorax, 4th saw The Sneetches, 5th created a classroom Fortunately/Unfortunately story around Dr. Seuss stories and characters, and 6th watched The Butter Battle. We had some great discussions about how Dr. Seuss used stories to present his view about current issues of his day. We read stories in K-2 and visited the Seussville website. 2nd grade created Venn diagrams comparing/contrasting the schools in Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!Happy February! Our Scholastic Book Fair begins this week in the Library. Visit our school website to link to our Online Book Fair. Happy New Year! It's ALA book awards month and we are learning about the different awards given to authors and illustrators for books written in the previous year. The ALA Youth awards will be announced on February 2nd at 8am.Our Book Fair was a great success. Thanks to Pam Britton and our crew of parent volunteers that made it all happen! We received over $ 1400.00 in product and cash from the fair. Thanks to all who participated!We have been practicing technology skills to help us become more proficient in the skills required for the Next Generation Assessments. Click here to go to a great website that provides practice tests as well as keyboarding activities. Next-Gen Assessments.September 3, 2014This past rotation we used our library laptops for the first time and talked about how we show responsibility when working on the computer/Internet. Grades 1-2 were introduced to Wixie, which is the online version of Pixie. It is a word processing/drawing application that we use frequently to foster language art/writiing skills. Grades 3-6 set up their new gmail accounts that we used to complete a reader interest survey. These gmail accounts will eventually be used for classroom collaboration and sharing.. It's a process and we will be learning together. Kindergarteners are learning about our library and taking care of library materials. They will be bring home a book this week for the first time. Please read with them and encourage them to take care of their books. Have them return the book as soon as they are done with it..Welcome Back!! We had a great week in our Library Media Center. These first few rotations we will be learning/reviewing what Cougar Pride look in our LMC.We will discussing book care and responsible computer use. Make sure that you have given permission for your children to use computers which is a part of the Emergency Information update done online via the district home page. Happy July 1st! Hope you've had a great summer so far and are participating in the Worthington Libraries Summer Reading Program. I am! We've gotton some new eBooks on our FollettShelf so check them out! You can access FollettShelf from our Library website homepage. Go to the bunny in the right hand corner of this Glog to see reviews of some of the books I've read. If you have a review you'd like me to post, email it to me at and I'll share it!Visit the Northwest Library tomorrow, July 2, to see the Traveling Digital Bookmobile and learn the many ways to use your devices to access digital eBooks and more from the Public Library!What a great poetry month we had. Be sure to look at the wall outside the library to see what poets we have here at Colonial Hills. Poetry Slams have begun and we had a great turout at the 3/4 slam this past week. Watch for them to be posted on the Photo/Video links to the right.It's time to be getting books back to the library. May 16th is the official day to have all books back to the library. The first class to have all books returned and fines paid by May 20th will get a special treat!Thanks to much to our PTA and our technology departement for providing us with 5 more laptops for the library. We now have a full cart of 30 laptops!! It's so rewarding to see everyone from Kindergarten to 6th grade using them responsibly. Thanks again!! Hope you had a great spring break! It's April already? That means it's Poetry Month! We've already started brainstorming ideas for poetry writing. Check the wall outside the Library and watch it fill with original and favorite poems from our kids! Happy March! It was good to see some of you at the Read Across America event at the Worthington Rec Center last evening. There were some animal friends from the Zoo, story time presented by the Worthington Library, Lacrosse demos by the WKHS Lacrosse Team, Crafts, swimming, and visits with Dora, Spiderman, the Cat in the Hat, and others. We are thrilled to have our new laptops in the Library. Every grade has been learning to use them the past two weeks. Things like logging on and off, and saving our work are a little different than when we use the lab computers.. Even our kindergarteners are doing a great job with them. We haven't always had time to check out so you may not see as many books coming home. I've been reminding the kiddos that they can come in the morning and sometimes during noon options to check out books. This week is Read Across America Week and we will be reading Dr. Seuss books during our library time. Check out the school calendar for special events happening this week. Also, if you can, please donate a new or gently used book for the patients at Nationwide Children;s Hospital clinic..Thanks for another successful Book Fair. We raised $750.00. We got $95.00 in books from the fair from your donations to All For Books. And, we got $650.00 in Scholastic dollars to buy materials from Scholastic. That's almost $1500.00! Thank you so much! Happy Groundhog Day! Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow so we are in for 6 more weeks of winter. Grab yourself a stack of the ALA award winning books (see link below) and hunker down for the duration!!We had a wonderful day with Margaret Peterson Haddix. The kids were so attentive and respectful. They asked great questions and were eager to check out her books on Friday. Thanks to all of our school community for your support for our library program that makes our author visits possible. I watched half of the Super Bowl and will be using a few of the commercials to talk about media literacy with our intermediate students. It's also Black History Month and the Olympics are starting in a few days as well. I will be using those themes for lessons with the primary grades.Our Book Fair begins on the 10th. Seems like we just had our last one. Information will be coming home this week.Happy New Year!! Hopefully we'll get back to school soon, although snow days give me a chance to catch up on my reading! I hope some of you were able to read some of Margaret Peterson Haddix's books while we were on break. I read Double Identity and Say What? and am working on The Girl With 500 Middle Names. Teachers will be reading her books to their classrooms and we'll be doing activities that relate to the themes of some of her books. More information will follow as to purchasing books for her to sign, and what our schedule for the day will look like.December 1st, 2013I apologize for the time between updates! I'm back in the groove now and want to thank everyone for supporting our Scholastic Book Fair. Look to the right to see our profits!! Proceeds will fund our author visit, help purchase 2 laptops for the library, and allow us to order additional books and other library materials. Thank you again for your generosity!!We are looking forward to our author visit in January. If you are looking for books to read during our winter break, consider reading books by Margaret Peterson Haddix! She will be visiting January 30th.October 8, 2013I can't believe we are in October already! This year is flying by! Students in grades 3-6 have been learning about the features in Nonfiction Information Text that help us to find information and understand what we read. These are things like the Table of Contents, Index, Gloasary, pictures, captions, diagrams, and labels. We have practiced using these features in nonfictin books and resources like atlases and almanacs. All grades have been to the computer lab 3 times. I am so proud of our kindergarteners. They are logging on like pros and can type their name using a capital letter. Way to go!! October is Cyberbully Awareness month so we have been discussing bullying in all grades. I'm happing to share that we just got a new shipment of books. It's like Christmas!! Students will be able to check them out our next rotation. Our Scholastic Book Fair runs October 28 - November 2nd (during the Pancake Breakfast).Our Fair is Online also. Go to the School website to access the link.. Thank you in advance for your support of our Library Program.Just a heads up! Margaret Peterson Haddix will be visiting our school January 30th, 2014. All Students in grades 3-6 have been introduced to our new keyboarding program - Type To Learn. It can be downloaded and used at home. Go to our school webpage for downloading information. September 2, 2013Happy Labor Day! Hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend. We've gotten off to a great start in the library!I The new carpet looks great and rearranging my desk and the computers makes our library look more spacious. Every student has had the opportunity to check out books at least once. Each class has learned how Be Respectful! Be Responsible! Be Safe! looks in the library and how I use our PBIS. Talk with your child about how we care for our library materials and help them find a safe place for the items they bring home. The library will be open most mornings so students can return books on their way to their classrooms.July 6, 2013 I hope everyone is having a good summer! I've noticed the Worthington Libraries' Summer Reading yard signs as I've been out and about. What a great idea! Keep reading! Click on the book reviews image to the right to see what I've been reading. thiss summer. I've posted several websites to give you suggestions of what to read.You can also find ideas on the Library website homepage under Great Reads. The library is in the process of getting new carpet. Last week they tore up the old and hopefully the new carpet is down by now. I'm anxious to get back in there and get everything back on the shelves. I may even rearrange a few things!May 8, 2013The last day of school is fast approaching and now is the time to remind everyone to return library materials to the library. All books need to be in by May 17th. We will be getting new carpet in the library so everything will need to be accounted for and boxed for installation before school ends. We had our poetry slams. See the video links to the right of this blog.May 29th the Worthington Library will be sending someone to share information about their Summer Reading Program. The assembly will take place at 9:05 in the multipurpose room.April 21, 2013We have been busy creating poetry this month. Poem in Your Pocket Day was especially fun with so many kids sharing poems with me. Please take time to read all the poetry on the Poetry Wall outside the library. I've been talking about bullying and Cyberbullying with kindergarteners as a part of our ISafe curriculum.. We discussed what bullying is including what it might look like on the Internet. While most are not participating in social networking on the Internet, we did talk about how they should always be kind and have a parent close by when on the Internet..March 30, 2013 Thanks so much to those who donated books to Children's Hospital. We sent 390 books to be shared with children that visit the clinic. Monday marks the beginning of poetry month. We will be learning about and creating different kinds of poetry at every grade level. Our poetry month will culminate in our Poetry Slams, where students share their favorite poetry with their classmates. April 18th is Poem in Your Pocket Day. Bring a poem to share with classmates and staff! March 3rd, 2013 Read Across America Week at Colonial HIlls is this week. Look to the right for our list of activities. Last year we donated 249 books to Children's Hospital and our local Head Start. program. Please bring in New or Like New books for kids ages K -8. We are collecting through Friday, the 8th. Thanks to those that participated in the WEA kickoff event at the Rec Center Friday evening. We had a great turnout! This week we will be celebrating Dr. Seuss in the Library. Our Stop, Drop, and Read will take place on Friday. We will have a special reader this year! Take extra time this week to read with your children.February 19, 2013 Our Book Fair was a great success. Altogether we earned $500.00 in cash and $1700.00 in Scholastic Dollars to use to purchase books and equipment from Scholastic. We also raised $81.00 from All For Books. We got that in free books from the Library and that amount will be donated in books to organizations selected by Scholastic. Thanks so much for your support!bruary 4, 2013 The Scholastic Book Fair runs next Monday thru Thursday, Februay 11 - 14. Thanks to those who have already brought in change for All For Books. Our box is fillling up!We spent most of January in the Library learning about Caldecott and Newbery Award winning books. 6th graders are creating brochures about circulatory system and blood diseases. 5th graders viewed primary sources about the Middle Passage, then explored Historic Williamsburg and the Bill of Rights. Today we looked at some of the Super Bowl Commercials and talked about the ways in which ads appeal to your emotions in order to get you to buy the product. Fourth graders did research for their Sign of the Beaver project and we talked about plagiarism and citing sources. Third graders learned about primary sources while reading about Snowflake Bentley. Our projects are hanging in the hall. K- 2 have been looking at Caldecott Award and Honor books.01/01/2013 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!12/12/12 Just had to write that! I wanted to share a little bit about our book clubs that have been meeting on occasion. Our 2nd grade Caldecott Club has met monthly to share our favorite Caldecott books and illustrations. Our 3/4 grade boys book club will be meeting to share the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, The Third Wheel. And the New Year will bring a gathering of the 3/4 Girls book club, title yet to be determined.Giants Beware has been named a School Library Journal top 10 Graphic Novel. Congrats Rafael.We are looking forward to the Hobbit on December 14th.October 28th We had a wonderful visit with Rafael Rosado on the 25th. He shared a book trailer of Giant's beware, talked about the writing/illustrating process, did a reading, drew some illustrations, and drew Claudette and Marie with the older kids. We had a great response to the purchase of his book. So good, in fact, that we had to place a second order. Mr. Rosado will sign each of the books and we are hoping that everyone that ordered a book will receive it by November 2nd. You can view some photos from the presentation by clicking on the notice to the right. Thank you again Mr. Rosado for such an informative and interactive visit.! Our students had a great time and learned so much!October 14, 2012 We are getting ready for Rafael Rosado's visit to our school on October 25th. He illustrated the graphic novel Giants Beware, a story about a young girl who convinces her friends to join her on a quest to find a legendary giant who used to terrorize their village. Their journey leads them into some interesting situations that test their courage and their friendship. Books will be available for presale. Forms will be coming home soon.3rd and 4th graders have been learning about the different ways information is communicated through media. We researched information about the presidential candidates and are putting that information into dialogue on cartoon templates. Not an easy task!Kindergarteners used Pixie to label a senses diagram showing that a diagram and labels are a way to show information about a topic. It helped them work on their clicking and dragging skills with the mouse.. 1st and 2nd graders used Pixie tools to make pumpkin and scarecrow glyphs, learning that information can be shared through symbols. 5th graders used print and online resources in the Library and computer lab to gather information about Native North American groups. 6th graders are learning how graphic organizers are helpful to collect and organize information about a particular topic,. We are using the information to make book trailers using Animoto. September 24, 2012 Well, we are in full swing in the library media center. This week we are starting book clubs for students in grades 2 - 4. Our 2nd grade Caldecott club will meet for the first time tomorrow, September 26th. We will choose Caldecott Award and Honor books, read them at home, and make an illustration of our favorite part of the book, to be shared when we meet again in a couple of weeks. 3rd and 4th grade girls and boys will have their own clubs that meet this week (boys) and next to choose books to read and plan our meeting dates.6th graders are learning how to make booktrailers to tell about books they have recently read. We will use and online website called Animoto to make multimedia trailers to post on our school website. 5th graders have been studying maps and visited a website called Stratalogica. It can be accessed from home using their school username and the password: password.. 3rd and 4th graders have been learning/reviewing the Dewey Decimal Subject Categories and how to use the Dewey Decimal System to find books in our school library. 1st and 2nd graders have been learning about our online catalog (OPAC) and how to get to it from home and at school. They are also learning how to use it to find books in our library. Our kindergarteners did a great job logging on to the computers. Please work with your child on recognizing letters and numbers. They will be more confident in their keyboarding skills if they know the letters they are looking for.September 3, 2012 Happy Labor Day! Hope you have had a fun long weekend. We finally have class lists in the Library computer so we were able to check out grades 1 - 6 last week. Hopefully Kindergarten lists will be updated this week. Grades 3 - 6 reviewed what call numbers are and how they help us locate resources in the library. We looked at the new Worthington School District website and learned how to access the Library website to find our library catalog, our new FollettShelf ebook collection, Tumblebooks and Infohio resources.The primary grades reviewed book care, choosing 'Just Right' books (see poster to the right), and checkout procedures. This week all grades will be going to the computer lab with me. Our new Commom Core standards require that all studentshave strong keyboarding skills and be able type increasing volumes of text at a sitting. We use a program called Type to Learn to practice at school. There are many free programs available that your children can use at home to practice also. Kindergarten parents - please practice letter recognition with your children at home. This will be a tremendous help to them as they learnto find letters on the keyboard.! Have a great week!August 26, 2012 Welcome Back!We are off to a great start in the Library Media Center! This first rotation has been spent reviewing the areas of the Library (Primary grades) and how to find books using the call number (Intermediate grades). We have also discussed Library expectations which include respecting others, respecting library materials, and putting forth our best effort. Please help your children to develop good reading habits. Read with them everyday to strengthen their reading skills. Help them find a safe place at home to keep their library materials safe. Teach them also to refrain from eating or drinking while reading books from our library. Due to the new Worthington Cloud System, we have had to delay checkout. Hopefully this week our class lists will be updated and students can get books. August 16, 2012: Where did the summer go? I did a lot of reading and relaxing and am looking forward to sharing some of the books that I read. Here is a highlight of some of my favorites that I have ordered for our library. The Line and Away by Teri Hale A series that tells of the Unified States in the future that have closed themselves off after an enemy uses a banned weapon., leaving many of their own on the other side of the LIne. Tales arise of people with odd powers, but no one dare cross and venture into the unknown untill.... 14 year old Rachel sees a signal from the other side and finds herself In an adventure that will draw you in. I couldn't put it down. Exodus by Julia Bertagna. A similar dystopian theme like the Line, it is 2100 and melting polar ice caps have flooded much of the world. Mara learns of sky cities that rise from the ocean and leads family and friends away from their drowning island to search for one of those cities. She soon learns that all are not welcome to enter the walls of these cities and embarks on a plan to enter the city. What she finds is that she is part of a prophecy. to save more than just herself and her family. 100 Cupboards by N. D. Wilson. A young boy pulls away some plaster and discovers a wall of cupboards and opens up a real big 'can of worms!' A fantasy that takes the reader to different places in different times via a door in a closed off room in the same house. Another one I couldn't put down.I just saw that our own Luca Srsic won 3rd place in the Worthington Libraries poetry contest for grades K-3 with his poem 'Places.' Congratulations Luka!!May 20th - Our Library website has had over 10,000 visits since we began counting! Yea!!We have lost two well respected authors Maurice Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are) and Jean Craighead George (My Side of the Mountain). All library materials need to be returned. There is a $16.00 fine for lost or damaged books. We usually lose 35 - 50 books a year that are not returned and not paid for. That is almost $1000.00 in lost materials each year. Please help your children find their books and get them back. Report cards will be held for unpaid fines. Thanks so much. May 13th - Happy Mother's Day!! Our visit with Julia Cook was outstanding. She shared 4 of her books with our students and also brought out her little dogs. That was a big surprise! She talked about strangers and how they use cute dogs to lure kids. It was an eye-opener to our students. Hopefully they took away some skills to help themselves and others be good friends and make good choices.May 9th, author Julia Cook will be visiting our school with presentations for grades K-4 beginning at 8:15 in the Multipurpose room. She is a former teacher and school counselor and has written 29 plus books on issues that children face. I have been reading her book Bully B.E.A.N.S. (Bullies Everywhere Are Now Stopped!) to grades K-5. It is a book written to the bystander showing them they have the power to stop or prevent bullying. We have had good conversations in each of the classes about ways to deal with bullies at school.Order forms for her books will be available the day of the assembly if you did not save the one from the Friday folders.Be sure to view our Poetry Slams!! Look over to the right for the link. We had a prolific poetry month. Check out the poetry wall outside the library to see our students' work.FollettShelf now has apps to download our ebooks to your IPad or Android devices. Use the following link to download the app. our eBooks collection from the library website. Look for the FollettShelf Logo. Use your school computer username and password. to log in.April dates to Remember: Colonial Hills parent and illustrator Rafael Rosado will be at Cover to Cover Book Store on Saturday, April 21st at 1:00 pm. Visit his blog at to learnabout Giants Beware! The Chronicles of Claudette, a book that he illustrated. April 26 is Poem in Your Pocket Day. Bring in a favorite poem and share it with your friends and teachers. We will have students sharing their favorite poems each day on morning announcements. Let Me know if your are interested.March 30, 2012 Sorry this is a little late, but we collected 260 books for Nationwide Children's Hospital and Head Start. Thank you for your donations.We have begun our poetry unit in the library and the creative juices are flowing, some reluctantly, but flowing none-the-less! 6th graders are adapting poems to be read by 2 voices. Not so easy to do. They have been reading Poetry for 2 Voices by Paul Fleischman and practicing some of his poems. 5th graders are making shape poetry and 4th graders are writing Haiku. 3rd graders are writing Limericks and 2nd graders are learning how to use alliteration to make their writing more interesting. Kindergarten and first graders are learning to listen for rhyme and rhythm in poetry and are having fun with fill in the blank poetry. It's one of my favorite times of the year!March 4, 2012 We sold just a little over $3200.00 during our Scholastic Book Fair. Thank you everyone!! We'll get $750.00 for our Library and $400.00 in Scholastic dollars that I can use for books and library supplies from Scholastic. March is National Women's History Month. Look for displays in the Library that celebrate the accomplishments of women in America.February 26, 2012 The Scholastic Book Fair begins tomorrow. We will be open during lunch and after school until 6 PM. Only buyers may come in at lunch time. You can also place orders online. All of my classes will be in the computer lab this week. Thanks to Sandra Howell, Katie Hughes, Mrs. Green, and Mr Nadolny for your help in setting up the Book Fair and cashiering during our Family Fun Night!:Please send in new and like new books for our book drive for Nationwide Children's Hospital and Head Start. The book drive runs through next week. See the link to the right! Thanks always for the generosity of the Colonial Hills Family!Happy Valentine's Day! We are in the computer lab this week and learning all kinds of new skills. 6th graders are making Ancient Egypt photostory commercials. They are learning the process of combining images, text, narration, and music to create a commercial to sell and product or service from Ancient Egypt. Fifth graders are learing to use text boxes in Microsoft Word to make Author bios for their THBP. Fourth graders are going to websites and databases in Curriculum Pathways on the library homepage to find information about famous Ohioans. Third graders visited PBS Go Don't Buy It! to learn about advertising tricks used to get us to by products. Second graders are going to the same site to learn what goes into making a cereal box that grabs their attention. First graders are learning how advertisers use symbols (McDonald's golden arches) to make us remember their products. Kindergarteners are learning how to type using capital letters.January 28th, 2012 The American Library Association Youth Book awards were announced last week. See the link below. Those books appropriate for our library have been ordered and are on their way!January 16, 2012 I went to Worthington's Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration and what an inspirational event. The music, led by Mr. Larry Griffin and his Cappricio choirs, took my breath away. Our superintendent, Dr. Thomas Tucker, was the featured speaker. Our 2nd graders are reading Martin's Big Words and are learning how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. used big words like hope, love, courage, peace, and dream to change America. I found a new free app recommended by School Library Journal. It's called Spot the Dot and it is a memory game. A new dot is added each level and you have to find it and press on it. It gets more challenging as more dots are added to the sreen.. Check it out.December 31, 2011 The last day of the year! Hope all are having a safe and relaxing break. I've read a couple of good books. The first is called the City of Orphans by Avi. It takes place in New York City around 1900. It is both Historical fiction and mystery. A young boy's (Maks) sister is accused of theft and is put in a horrid prison. With the help of an orphan friend, Maks fights against street gangs and corrupt officials to find out who framed his sister. Find out if Maks is successful in this thriller. I also read The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley. This is the first book in the Flavia de Luce series. Flavia is an 11 year old with a love of Chemistry and a flair for adventure. When a visitor to her home is found dead in the family garden, her father is arrested for the murder,. Flavia, not content to wair for the authorities to find the facts, takes it upon herself to figure out who really committed the murder. I really couldn't put this one down! December 4th, 2011My how time flies! I want to thank our Colonial Hills Family for your amazing support for our Scholastic Book Fair. We sold over $5000.00 worth of books and received a profit of $1007.22 and $713.00 of available Scholastic dollars to use to buy materials for the Library as well as fund our author visits. In addition, we raised $159.00 through One for Books that bought that much in books for our library, with a like about going in books to Toys for Tots. Thanks also to Sandra Howell, our PTA Book Fair chair, and the volunteers who's efforts make the Scholastic Book Fair such a great success. Thanks again to everyone for your generosity. October 31, 2011 Happy Halloween!What a busy month.! Camp Ohio, Reflections, Cross Country, and coming up... the Scholastic Book Fair! Kids have been bringing in donations for the One For Books Promotion and again, I'm touched by the generosity of our families. The money we raise buys books for our library and Scholastic donates the same amount in books to Toys for Tots.. Everybody wins!! The Fair kicks off at the Pancake Breakfast, November 5th and is open at lunch time for buyers only and after school until 6pm Monday thru Thursday, November 7 - 10.New this year is online buying. You can also preorder the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book Cabin Fever. 2nd and 4th graders have been doing research and have been learning how to use nonfiction books and Infohio resources to gather information for their reports. Kindergarteners are becomming experts at logging on to the comuter, using the shift key to make capital letters, using Pixie to draw, and learning how to print. 1st graders made a slide show about nocturnal animals. They sure know a lot! 3rd graders used Pixie to illustrate and label the 3 layers of soil. 6th graders have been reviewing the features of nonfiction that help them understand what they are reading. They also learned about social networking safety and responded with their thoughts in a blog on the portal. October 1, 2011 Well, it certainly feels like fall is upon us! It was a sad day for the Buckeyes, but enough said about that! In Art and Library related arts, our students made a paper quilt honor those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. We read The Fireboat in the primary grades, and in the intermediate grades, read an exerpt from a speech given by Mayor Guilliani days after at a prayer service. All students talked about what makes America so great that people want to come here to live, or give their lives to protect. Their ideas are recorded on the quilt that is displayed outside the library. It's awesome!In the computer lab, Sixt h graders learned to make a spreadsheet in Excel to record test scores. 5th graders learned how to use Stratalogica, an interactive map program. 4th graders practiced searching in the OPAC, our online school library cataloog. Third graders used Neighborhood Map Machine to create a map of our Colonial Hills neighborhood, 2nd graders learned how to format, or change, their words in Microsoft Word. We changed font style, size, color and leaned how to center words. First graders learned how to bookmark favorite websites. We bookmarked the Library Website and Starfall. Kindergarteners did a Living/Non-living sort in Pixie. I'm really pleased with how well they have been listening and following through with directions in the lab..September 5, 2011 Happy Labor Day!Welcome Back to School! It is so good to see everyone and we have gotten off to a great start! Our intermediate grades have had fun reviewing library procedures with a Library Scavenger Hunt. They also reviewed use of our Online Catalog or OPAC. You can search the OPAC from home through the library website.Primary grades have reviewed check out procedures as well as how to take care of library materials. Please help your child learn to take good care of the books they bring home so others in our library can read them as well. Everyone has had an opportunity to check out books so take the time to ask your child what they are reading and help them find subjects or kinds of literature that interest them. See our Good Reads link on the Library home page for suggestions.We will be in the Computer Lab this week.Hi! Happy Summer! Hope everyone is enjoying the time off from school. I'll see you soon!June 1, 2011The year is winding down and that means it is time to get library materials back to the library. We still have many books still out. If you received an overdue notice, please help your child look for the books or video at home. There is a $15.00 fine for each lost item and report cards will be held if fines are not paid.Our poetry slam videos can be seen by clicking on the Poetry Slam graphic on the right side of this blog..Visit the Great Reads Section of the Library Website home page to get current suggested reading lists. Worthington Libraries also has grade level book lists.May 10, 2011Our kids really enjoyed our author visit from Andrea Prostko. Her timely message about bullying was well received. You would be proud of the questions our students asked about her book and the writing process.We are in the midst of our Poetry Slams. What fun it is to listen to our students read original or favorite poems by other poets! The last day for checkout will be May 20th. All library materials mustbe returned to the library by Wednesday, June 1st. The only exceptions are books being used for classroom assignments. There is a $15.00fine for each item not returned from the library.The first class to return all their items will get an Ice Cream treat in the library.May 31st will be our 2nd annual Book Swap. Bring in like-new picture or chapter books and exchange them for like books brought in by other students. This will take place during noon options. April 17, 2011 This Thursday, April 21st, our visiting author Andrea Prostko will be presenting 2 assemblies. Grades 3/4 will be at 9:30 and grades 5/6 will be at 10:20. Parents are welcome to attend.Poem in Your Pocket Day was a huge success. I don't count the number of students that share poems with me, but it was a very busy day! Thank you to all the students who participated! I talked with kindergarteners about poetry and what they know about it and we did fill in the blank poetry. 1st graders are working on typing their stories so we will do some spring poetry in the coming week. 2nd graders are coming along on their Alliteration books. What fun! Each students was giving a letter and wrote a sentence about an animal using alliteration like.... Alex the Alligator ate an awful apple. They are very creative. 3rd graders made posters for our upcoming author visit this week. Look for them all over the school!4th graders chose a famous Ohioan and made a trading card using Microsoft Word. 5th graders finished up their Women's Histroy Glogs, and 6th graders beganadapting Poetry for 2 Voices.Feel free to post your favorite poetry on our Poetry Wall. Thanks to Donovan Scott for drawing The Wall!Welcome back from Spring Break! Hope yours was relaxing. Happy National Poetry Month. It is a favorite time of Month for me watching our students create original poetry and then perform at our grade level poetry slams during Noon Options. Look for their work on our Poetry Wall out side the Library Media Center.March20, 2011 Happy Spring!!5th graders finished their Explorer Museum Boxes. If they have been corrected and approved, you will find them at Click on Museum Boxes on the home page, click on the C and search for our school name in the alphabetical list. Look for your child's username to find their box.March 12, 2011Our Scholastic Book Fair was a great success. Thank you to our Co-Chairs Sandra Howell and David Nadolny and our parent volunteers for job well done. Our sales topped $3850.00, netting around $960.00 for our library. We received $126.00 in One For Books books from the Book Fair. Our total profits from both book fairs is $$2,221.49!!! I am truly humbled by the generosity of our school family. The money will be used to pay for author visits as well as purchase books and equipment for our library. FYI, Margaret Peterson Haddix is on the schedule for 2013! Thank you again! AUTHOR VISIT!!We will be having a Colonial Hills alumni visiting our school on April 21st. Author Andrea Prostko will be sharing her book Strike One with students in grades 3-6 in morning assemblies.. An order form for her book will be sent home this Friday in the Friday folders and needs to be returned with payment by Friday, March, 25th.February 24thOur Scholastic Book Fair was set up on Friday and is ready to go. Students may purchase books during lunch and after school.. We are participating in One for Books and students are bringing in lots of spare change. We will puchase books from the Book Fair for our library with the money we raise. Scholastic will match what we raise and give a like amount in books to Toys for Tots and other organizations.Our book collection for Nationwide Children's Hospital Reach Out and Read is going extremely well. So far we have received 151 books. Please send only new or like new books. We have had to reject some books because of their condition. Thank you Colonial Hills Family for your continued generosity!We will be in the computer lab this week. 6th grade is working in a program called PhotoStory3 to create a commercial. We are learning to use a Storyboard to plan and create our commercials. 5th grade will be finishing up our Museum boxes. I will provide a link for you to view them online.4th grade is finishing simile and metaphor activities. We wrote stories using similes and metaphor and inserted images of candy wrappers. Forexample, Her eyes sparkled like the Milky Way (insert candy wrapper instead of words). 3rd graders are studying Drug and Alcohol awareness. We are using what we have learned in class to make comic strips in They come up with such great ideas!2nd grade learned about Chinese New Year and made Chinese lanterns in Pixie. We also read The Five Chinese Brothers. This week we will explore, the website that celebrates the work of Dr. Seuss.1st grade finished their Artic Animals slide show and you'll be able to see it when you have your conference. You are going to love it!Our Kindergarteners have been busy learning about our world. We made passports in the computer lab and read Rosie's Walk in library. We made a map of Rosie's walk around the farm. What fun!January 29th, 2011Our Read Across America Book Collection will run February 21- March 12. We will be collecting new books for the patients at Nationwide Children's Hospital. We collected over 300 books last year. Let's shoot for 400 this year. See the poster below for more information..Our kindergarteners are certainly becoming saavy at the computer! I am so pleased with their progress. We did an activity this week matching careers with the tools they use. They were very eager to share all that they have learned in their classrooms!1st graders have been researching their cold climate animals using nonfiction books. They have been able to find key words such as babies/young, food, and prey to help them find the information they need. They have been writing sentences about their animals and will be typing those sentences in Pixie next week.2nd graders have been learning about ordering books in the library. We have talked about how easy and fiction books are put on the shelves in ABC order by the author's last name, and we've learned a little about the Dewey Decimal System and how nonfiction books are in number order according to their subject.3rd graders are learning about primary sources as we discover more about Wilson Bentley, the Snowflake Man. We are making a primary source booklet as we collect pictures about his life.4th graders learned how an Almanac is organized and how to use an Index and Table of Contents to find facts. These skills were put to the test as they played the Almanac game!5th graders have been learning how to evaluate websites as the search the Internet for Information. It is important to know who authors the website and if the information found there is useful, accurant, up to date, and unbiased. They have found that just because it is out there on the web, it isn't necessarily good!6th graders have begun their Ancient Egypt Photostory Projects. They will be using Photostory 3 to produce a commercial about a tool or artifact used in Ancient Egypt. Stay tuned!January 13, 2011The Annual ALSC Book Awards were announced at the American Library Association's MidWinter Meeting in San Diego. Click on the banner to the right to see the winners!6th graders viewed print and TV ads today and talked about the kinds of techniques advertisers use to get and keep our attention. 5th graders had fun in the lab learning how to add fractions using Kidspiration.4th graders went to the web site Factmonster to search for information about Martin Luther King.3rd graders are doing a great job on their president reports. They are so excited about the interesting facts they are learning.2nd graders created timelines about Tecumseh in a software program called Timeliner. 1st graders started their Arctic animal slides in Pixie. They drew their animal and typed a title and their name.Kindergarteners make illustrations like Knufflebunny - drawing themselves on a picture of the Library story corner.January 3, 2011Happy New Year!! Welcome back to school. We had a great first day back. Our kindergarteners are reading a Caldecott Honor Book titled Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale. We talked about why the illustrations of the book are so important to the telling of the story. We will be making pictures similar to the story in the computer lab next week.December 6th, 2010Happy December. Hope you are enjoying the snow. Kinde kids visited the Jan Brett website to make Thanksgiving cards. We will be going there again to make a gingerbread house. You can visit the site from home at grade is reading Annie and the Wild Animals by Jan Brett. Using pictures to retell the story helps us remember what we read.2nd grade is reading the Quiltmaker's Gift - a story of compassion and generosity.3rd grade is reading Glass Slippers, Gold Sandles: A Worldwide Cinderella. It tells the Cinderella story using different elements from different parts of the world. We used a graphic organizer to record the differences we read. We will be researching the different countries when we go to the computer lab later this week.4th grade is reading Dear Deer, a book about Homophones which are words that have the same sound but are spelled differently and have different meanings. We are playing Homophone Pictionary to practice and increase our understanding.5th grade is heavy into their research project. We've been making our Bibliographies in the computer lab using Citation machine. It is so important for them to learn to give credit for the information they gather from multiple resources. 6th grade had fun making license plates that share a little bit about each of them. See our display at the end of the long hallway. Thanks to Miss Forgione for her creative genious!! As we continue to explore Media, this was an interesting way to learn how people share informational messages.November 16, 2010Thank you so much Colonial Hills Family!! We raised $1145.00 for our school library through your generous support of the Scholastic Book Fair. A special thanks to Sandra and David for coordinating the fair and to all the volunteers who helped man the cash register. Also thanks to library helpers who helped with crowd control and straightened up the merchandise. The Book Fair is always a special event in the library and it is sad to see it go. Our next fair will be February 28th-Martch 3rd so mark your calenders!In the computer lab, our Kdg classes used computer skills like clicking and dragging to practice their alphabet knowledge. 1st grade learned how cereal manufacturers use 'gimmicks' to get kids to buy their cereal. We created our own cereal websites using those gimmicks. 2nd graders used the program Neighborhood Map Machine to make maps of their neighborhoods. We included map features such as keys, a compass rose, and a scale.3rd graders took a tour of World Book Kids online. It is made available to all school age children through Infohio. We learned how to find pictures, explored World of Animals, looked at a variety of maps, and searched a topic of interest. Encourage your child to go to World Book Kids for research or just for fun.4th graders found definitions to Veterans Day words using the dictionary in World Book Kids.5th graders made Veterans Day Wordles which are colorful word clouds. Check them out in the hall outside the library.6th graders are studying media literacy. We are learning how and why information is communicated and how it is important that we learn how to critically evaluate all the media messages that come our way..November 6, 2010We kicked off the Book Fair today and what a day! We sold $1400.00 plus! Book Fair proceeds support our library program including author visits, books, and audiovisual equipment such as our new Books on CD listenind center. Thanks so much to all of you who came out for the Pancake breakfast and supported the Book Fair also!October 26, 2010We went to the computer lab last week. Yea!! Kindergarteners are much better at logging on and are practicing typing their name with a capital letter. We learned how computers help us find information and how we should only go to sites approved by a parent or teacher.First graders made jack o' lanterns in Pixie, practicing our typing skills and using all the fun tools. Look for our pumpkin patch outside the library.Second graders made a jack o' lantern glyph. Each eye, nose, and mouth shares a bit of information about the stundent that made it. See them posted along with the key outside the library.Third graders practiced formatting a paragraph in Microsoft Word. We worked on typing skills as well as centering, indenting, spacing, and changing size and type of font.Fourth graders learned to navigate the Internet safely while playing the AT&T Safetyland Game. Fifth graders visited the Jamestown Adventure-an interactive game about the Jamestown Colony in 1606.They got to choose where to settle, what crops to grow, who did the work, and how to deal with the Native Americans. They compared their choices with those made by the original colonists to see who fared better.Sixth graders learned how to organize files when saving into their My Documents file. They created a New folder to hold their Book Summary Template as well as future book summaries.Next week, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders will be participating in a simulated election to gain an understanding of the importance of exercising the right to vote.October 11th, 2010In preparation for our visiting storyteller, John Locke, we have been talking about the art of storytelling. We learned that people have been telling stories for thousands of years, and that before there was print, TV, computers, or video games, it was the major form of entertainment. It is how people shared their history and culture from generation to generation.5th grade is studied the importance of a strong charater in a story to make the story interesting and believeable. We read Riding the Tiger and and did a character study on the main character Danny.4th graders are writing their own short stories using story maps and plot organizers. We learned how to map out a story together after we read Martina the Beautiful Cockroach.. We discussed the elements of a story-setting, characters, problem, plot, and resolution.3rd graders are learning the importance of vocabulary. We read The Boy Who Loved Words and are practicing using a dictionary to find definitions of words from the story.2nd graders read two different versions of the tale Rumpelstitskin and found what was alike and different in the storys' characters, setting, and events.1st graders read fairy tales - The Princess and the Pea, and The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We helped ourselves remember the details of the story by retelling with works and pictures.Kindergarteners read a poetry book called On The Farm. It has beautiful woodcutting illustrations. Our friends hear rhyming right away as I read the story, and we had fun making the sounds of the different animals.Our 6th graders are finishing up a nonfiction project. They are using what they know about the features of nonfiction to share information about a book of their choosing. September 27, 2010We have spent a few weeks in the library getting used to library procedures and learning how books are ordered on the shelves. We have talked about the differences between fiction and nonfiction, and reviewed their call numbers as well as the Easy/Everybody and Biography call numbers. It is good to see students as young as first grade using the online catalog to search for books. We have a new procedure for reserving books that are checked out and many students are taking advantage of that service. Kindergarteners are catching on quite well also to book checkout. Please help your children keep their books in a safe place and to bring their books back when they are done reading them. Our checkout period is two weeks. I am seeing more overdues at all grade levels and will limit checkout until books are returned.Many thanks to my library helpers for helping label over 100 fantasy fiction books for 5th graders.This week in the computer lab, we talked about caring for our computers and using our username and passwords to log on. Our kindergarteners did a great job logging on and logging off. With the intermediate grades we discussed the Electronic use Agreement that each of their parents have signed and that is a part of their school record. All students understand that our school computers are for educational use and are to be used respectfully and responsibly. In grades 2 through 6, we visited our online catalog and practiced doing author, subject, and title searches for books in our library. Our catalog can be accessed from home using the online catalog button on the Library website homepage.

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