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Reason for Popularity

One of Coorong's many famous attractions is its world renown Coorong National Park.Coorong National Park was formed in 1966, as a natural reserve for many species of native fauna and flora. Due to its flourishing wildlife, it has also attracted many migratory bird species from overseas nations. It also provides a luscious sanctuary for animals during the common Australia droughts, floods and bushfires. The 467 square kilometers also supports coastal dune systems, lagoons and coastal vegetation.

A unique feature of Coorong is the interaction of water along its length, with sea water and the Murray river water meeting rainfall and groundwater. The variety of freshwater and seawater allows for a diverse selection of fauna and flora, while the sea water provides a habitat for sea life.Another attraction of Coorong is that it is a popular venue for both recreational and commercial fishers. The popular 'Coorong Mullet' and 'School Mulloway' are one of the many native species. (The fish are always returned back into the waters)



Coorong is found along the coast of Australia, meaning it is regularly hot and prone to bushfires. It is common to see the animals basking in the variety of flat beaches and deep lagoons. Some of these animals, regularly birds such as the freckled duck and emu, are migratory from as far away as America!The Coorong National Park region is an internationally important wetland. It is home to a diverse range of ecosystems, habitats and native species. It is also vital in sustaining the native animals, such as the emu, seal and freshwater turtle.

Coorong is found in in the southern regions of South Australia.It is located 156km below the city of Adelaide.


Coorong was the location for most of the filming of Storm Boy.


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