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Dear Robert Lypsyte...

20 December 2009 McGee-zine Staff

Ethan G. 899 Norton Rd. Berlin, Ct 06037Dear Robert Lypsyte, A lot of people do not understand what it means to work hard. When you participate in a full contact sport, you learn what hard work really is. This book helped me be successful in wrestling. The reason is because when Alfred worked hard in the book THE CONTENDER, it made me want to work hard as well. Now, when I wrestle, I think about this book and how Alfred learned to work hard and be successful. It makes me want to be like him. When I work out and have physical contact, I always go my hardest, because I know that is what will make me a champ. I believe that Donatelli knew this, and that’s why he always made Alfred go so hard. I can also connect to him because I have lost many friends before. Alfred always felt terrible because he missed James so much. When I lose friends, I always think of the good times I had with them, too. I also will try to convince them that we can still be friends and not enemies, just like Albert did with James. I now always try my best in school no matter what, because I want to go to college. Now that I know what it is like when someone does not go to college, I want to concentrate more on my school work.Before I read this book I thought that it was okay not to try my best, not be the greatest at what I do, to come in second, not first. When I saw how Alfred felt when he did his best, I knew that I would feel good, too, so I started working harder! Now I get good grades, and I am getting better at wrestling. It feels very good--like I can be whatever I want to be and have the world in the palm of my hand. Thank you so much for writing THE CONTENDER, because, if you did not, I would still just be drifting through life and not caring about what I do. I think that this book has helped many kids find out how good it feels to try their best. Yours truly, Ethan G.

Dear Robert Lypsyte... by Ethan G.

Photograph by Chris A.


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