Constellation Leo!!

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The Constellation Leo!

Common Name: Leo the LionScientific Name: Leonis

It's Location and Where it can be Seen- It can first be seen September 10th in the far Eastern Horizon until March 8th in the - It is nisible at 9PM from January 14th until July 25th.

The First 5 Stars1. Regulus (Alpha Leonis)-It is a blue-white main-sequence star of magnitude 1.4-It is 77 light-years away from Earth-It's traditional name means, "the little king."2. Beta Leonis (Denebola)- It is a blue-white star of magnitude 2.1-It is 36 light-years away from Earth- Denebola means, "the lions tail."3. Algieba (Gamma Leonis) - It is a binary star.- Both are gold-yellow giant stars- They are 126 light-years away from Earth- Algieba means, "the forehead."4. Delta Leonis (Zosma)-It is a blue-whit star of magnitude 2.6- It is 58 light-years away from Earth5. Epsilon Leonis- It is a yellow giant star.- Of magnitude 3.0-It is 251 light-years away from Earth

Deep Sky Objects- Leo has many galaxies, but the most famous are Messier 65, 66, 95, 96, 105, and NGC 3628.- The first two are part of the Leo Triplet.- The Leo Ring is a cloud of hydrogen and helium gas orbiting some of the galaxies contained in Leo.- M65, M66, and NGC 3628, make up the Leo Triplet.

Leo Tiplet

Leo Star Pattern

Mythological Leo

The Story Of LeoIn the first of his trials Hercules (Greek mythology) is tasked with finding and killing the Nemean Lion - an enormous and powerful lion whose hide is impenetrable. Hercules doesn't know this however and shoots the Nemean Lion with arrows, which do nothing but make it really, really mad. Being Hercules (Greek mythology), he decides to make a mad dash at the Nemean Lion rather than run away. The lion runs into its cave, which has two entrances. Long story short, Hercules blocks off an entrance, rushes into the cave, hits the Nemean Lion over the head with his club hard enough to stun it, then proceeds to choke it to death with his bare hands.



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