Confucius (Ch. 5.2)

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The Life of Confucius*Kong Fu Zi or Master Kong*Born in 551 B.C. / N. China Plain*Self taught*China's first professional teacher*Died in 479 B.C. / age 73

ConfucianismConfucius lived during a time of frequent warfare in China. Confucius hoped to persuade these rulers to change their ways and bring peace and order to China. The goal of Confucius was to bring order to society.*He believed if people could be taught to behave properly toward one another, order and peace would result

Respecting OthersConfucius said that people should know their place in the family and in society. 5 human relationships; -ruler and ruled-father and son-husband and wife-older brother and younger brother-friend and friendConfucius summarized his idea in a simple way: "Do not do to others what you would not want done to yourself."

Confucianism as a religionThose who practice Confucianism are part of a moral community. Many practice Confucianism alongside their existing religious traditions.

TaoismBased on writings of Laozi, a Chinese Thinker who lived in the 500s B.C. The Taoists loved nature, and they believed in leading simple and selfless lives. Most Chinese believed that life should be a balanced life lived in harmony with nature. Taoism supported these ideas.

Influence of ConfuciusThe teachings of Confucius came to have a majoreffect on Chinese government. They became part of the basic training for members of civil service.

Merit SystemBefore Confucius government jobs were given to sons of powerful people. Afterwards, any man could hold a job based on merit-or how qualified he was at his job. Government officials had to pass examinations. Even though any man could hold a government post they still must be able to read. This made it difficult but not impossible for poor men to rise to high positions in the government.

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