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Social Studies

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The steps to make a combine:Cutting the steel blades is the first step in the process,Then it will go to welding the formed parts,Painting the parts comes next,Welding the grain tank,Final assembly,Quality Control where they test the combine,The future is the last step, as the combine is changing every year so is the process.Found on:

The combine was invented in 1834 by Hiram Moore. There is no state that is clearly shown to be where the combine was invented but it was invented in the United States around the Midwest, and it was used a lot in the Northwest area.Found on:

The combine helped farming become faster and simpler. It made the field work get done in less time than what people were used to. Page 7 of our Social Studies textbook states, “Because the combine could accomplish both cutting and threshing the grain, even fewer workers were required on the farm to gather the edible parts of the grain.” The combine saved farmers money when it first was created. Over the course of the years although apperance and manufactoring process has changed the importance of the combine to agricultural industry has not.

Fun Fact:It takes the combine 9 seconds to harvest enough wheat to make 70 loaves of bread!



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