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Social Studies

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You probably know that Christopher Columbus was an explorer with 3 ships who sailed across the ocean. But, did you know that he made a HUGE mistake? Follow the directions to learn what went wrong, and why even though Chris wasn't exactly right, we still celebrate him anyway.

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Even though things didn't go exactly as he planned, Columbus was still able to make some discoveries. Not everyone was lucky though, the native people didn't always benefit from explorers. Click the smiley face and read the "How Columbus Changed History" section in the yellow box.

Alright, Columbus Expert, let's see if you can connect Christopher Columbus to what we learned last week about cyberbullying. There were people, including Columbus himself, who thought that the voyages were a failure. Click the paper clip icon on the side of the page to open a Word document. Fill in the boxes to show what a cyberbully might have posted about Columbus, and give two ways Chris could deal with the situation. Raise your hand when you're finished for your teacher to check your work.

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