Colins Flight

by Megehee
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Language Arts

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Colins Flight

Thomas C. Foster mentions in this chapter that most every religion has every significant god-like person represented with wings. Flight can represent more than just religion but also freedom, escape, spirit, and even war.

Not only are movies involving flight based off of superheros with superpowers but flight can also be the actual setting of a film.

Hawks and other birds symbolize a natural free spirit because of their ability of flight

Some of Foster's other examples include the significance of characters actually having wings, which is even more interesting to us. 'And why not? How many of your friends and neighbors sport feathers?' (Foster 70)

Flight is always something that everyone dreams about, is it ever possible for someone to one day fly without a plane? In movies flight is just the beginning of it all

A person seen flying in a movie is described most likely as a very important, unique character


Another aspect of Flight could be a fight or flight situation seen in many horror and war movies.

Flight or aviation is also involved in war, and war movies. Whether it is scouting out an area such as in Behind Enemy Lines or if it is dogfighting.



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