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What is Glogster?Glogster is a multimedia Web 2.0 tool that allows teachers and students to create online, interactive posters called glogs. The glog allows you to add text, images, graphics, video, and hyperlinks.Creating a glog allows teachers and students to use 21st Century technology and skills to share resources in an interactive format.

Click∙Learn∙Teach Tech Tool:Glogster

Ideas on why and how to use Glogster edu in the classroom

With a free Educator's account you get 10 student accounts. You create the student accounts with Group names, and have students create glogsters using one of your 10 Group accounts. You can also create glogsters to share with the class. Both your teacher and student glogs can be added to your website, blog, wiki, etc. using the embed code or as a hyperlink.

Click here to sign up for a Glogster account.There is a free educator account.

Watch this video about Glogster for Educators.

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Check out this link to Glogapedia, and get inspired by all the glogs others have shared.

Check the Glogster Blog for more information and ideas.You can also check out Glogster on Facebook.

Click here for a list of videos on using Glogster.

Check out this Slideshare presentation :Glog On!Here is another SlideShare:Glogster EDU



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