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Durnig the winter holidays I moved to my new room. Thiss room isbeautiful.I was in ice rink and There was many people but I love ice skating.Ela

When I was snowboarding something sad happened to me. I was sliding down the mountain but on track there was a stone and I fell down. This story is sad because is unpleasant. But the next story is very funny,I was in sauna by the lake. After 15 minutes in sauna I went outside on a frozen lake. There was an airhole in witch was me very cold but this was very funny.Kosma

In recess I visited old town in Warsaw. I was in horror house and castle. Was amazing. I love Warsaw. Repeats it again.Oliwia

Winter Holiday When winter holidays began I went to the Rytro Village. Of course , we all went skiing. This village is very close to the Slovak border. One day at about 10 we set out for skiing, like every day. From the bottom of the mount by the ski lift we reached the top. For two hours, routinely we were skiing down. Suddenlz stormsnow came up and I skiing down lost the route and at last. I stopped in the unknown place in the opposite side of the mount.For quite a long time I was waiting for any help.About half an hour passed and i heard a male voice and dog barking. I recognise that man was just the landlord of our hotel. He was just walking about with his dog. He was more suprised than I. This adventure finished happily, becouse quite soon. We reached exactly the ski lift station.Marysia

During the holidays I went to my aunt. I like it, because there I met wonderful people.Jagoda

Next memories of Winter Holidays.My dog came with me on the garden.It is so small that is was not to be saw.Afraid taht the cold.This is the second best memory in this Winter HolidayKuba

My Winter holidaysduring winter holidays with his family went above sea eye. The road lasted two and a half hours one way, but it paid off. The views were beautiful and the road not too tiring. After returning to the hotel I know that these holidays were not wasted.My second adventure was wintering Scout. I lived there many interestingmoments with friends (often newfound)Szymon

My winter HolidaysThe first week I spent the winter holidays with my friend's 'Bruno,Szymon,Antek and Julek' my friends in Warsaw. We went to the cinema, a park for walks, restaurants. One day, everyone build a huge snowman. We wanted to do igloo but we failed to. This week was memorable, I would like to take longer but unfortunately we had to go back to our homes.The next week i flew on a plane to Szczecin to my Uncle.It was fantastic I was doing l a lot of sports like running,swimming I went to the gym all sorts of sports.The last three days i was resting at my grandma also in Szczecin.Then on sunday i went back to Warsaw.Nicholas

Strange happening during holidayOn my winter holiday I was in Kielce. Near our hotel there was a frozen lake, so my parents thought this is a good place to have a trip. I was a little scared. My dad was running through the ice, when suddenly few metres away from us someone fell into ice water, because the ice broke.Next day we went to woods. We thought that we are near town, but we were really far! We saw a strange thing in the trees. We were scared, so me and my mum we want to run away, but my dad must see what is in this trees! So he walk a little bit near… and he saw a LITTLE CUTE BIRD! We were laughing so hard!Last day of the winter-break in Kielce we want to chill, so in the morning we went to swimming pool. Near swimming pool there was a sauna, so we went there. After 15 minuts we get out of and we saw one guy, that was coughing really hard and creepy. Then he also get out of the sauna. We help him, so after 5 minuts he was alright!Weronika

In winter holiday i went to my grandma. She’s got a cat too. When we were eating dinner my mum said “Do you want to go to London with your cousin and me?”. I was shocked,because I heard about it for the first time. “Of course I want!”Wojtek

On winter holidays I was in Zieleniec near the Czech Republic. I was skiing with my parents and sister. It was grat fun!!! We wrere skiing in a forest!!! The weather was great but only on the first day… On the fifth day there was a very, very big mountain wind! I felt like i was flying! I’ll never forget it!Marysia

Class 1A

My winter holidaysMy winter holidays were full of adventures. I had a sports camp which had a great time. On it had a lot of practicing, I was running, I went skiing. It was really super!Agata

When i was with my friends on scout trip,we have a task to do the campfire, but earlier it was raining and all sticks is wet.We were troubled with our tutor get angry. When he came he told to us:Don’t worry. I know it s really hard to burn fire with this weather.I felt amazing relief.When i was with my friends on scout trip,we was going sleep, then my friend Piotrek was screaming incomprehensibly words. It was really scary. When next daywe asked to him about that he don’t knew anything.Iwo

My Winter HolidaysDuring the holidays I went to the stables. I was there a week. Every day I rode my horse. In addition to helping owners of stables in cooking, feeding horses and walking the dogs. I lived in a room with my three friends - Zuzia, Weronika and Ida. All train there every day. We played board games, cards and we spent an interesting time.In the second week of holidays, I went on a four-day event in Warsaw Torwar. These were international equestrian competitions, which are called Cavaliada. There were jumping competitions, dressage, demonstrations, etc. Between the competitions I walked around the shops that were in place. It was great fun. My favorite contest is "Speed ​​and Music".Asia



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