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Class 1C

Class 1C

In winter holidays I have many adventures. I tell you one of tchem. It was a normal day. The sun was lighted. I and my father got out and go on the stock. Suddenly i saw congress and i ride to that. I develop fast and suddenly i saw dune. I am so fast and I can’ t stop. I jump on the dune on the 2 meters high and I was falling. When I fall I feel hurt. I scared i break some bones but fortunately i don’t. I go with my father to the cafe and i drink hot chocolate. After few minutes I dont fell ache and I can ride on the skis. When we return to hotel we laughing at my jump. It was my best jump because I dont kill myself!!! It was a great adventure and the great day.Adrian

Winter HolidayI was drawing all Winter Holiday, but i meet new friend. Her name is Dio. She’s really nice and sweet.There was another thing, my friend Javi have a job. He’s a animator and he really love this job.I’m really happy about that!Angelika

Feriowı my greatest adventure was like I rode a cable car to the top of the mountain "Gobalówka."My second adventure was listening as the Highlanders sang their highland songs.My third adventure were different board games with my brother and my parents.Mikołaj

For my winter break I visited Dominican Republic. It was fantastic! The two greatest events were:1. Horse riding in the jungle - We went to Samana Peninsula at the East of the country. It is very beautiful there with lots of green palm trees. We wanted to get to El Limon waterfalls, which are 50 meters high. To get there we had to ride horses for one hour through the jungle and we had to pass a river. It was a great experience as the sourrounding was very exotic, we were riding among palm trees, banana, cacao, and mango trees. When we got to the waterfall we view was beautiful!2. Visit to Paradise Island - We visited the smallest island I have ever seen. We went there by motor boat. When we saw the island we could not believe it is so small, it is the size of our garden. It is getting smaller and smaller every year so it needs to be protected, for example you cannot wear shoes there or put towels on the sand not to take the sand away. It is really beautiful place with white sand and blue water around. I found a big shell but unforutnately had to put it back to the ocean.Anna

My Winter HolidaysLast Winter Holidays I spent with my family in the mountains. The weather was snowy.We were all days on the skiing slope. One day I was skiing down the slope when I fell over. It was really dangerous because I almost fell into the frozen pond which was nearby. I was also lucky because I didn't break my legs.The last four days of this Winter Holidays I spent at grandma's. She lives in a beautifu place. There are a lot of lakes and woods. One day I took a dog for a walk. We were walking on the field and suddenly he ran away. I felt shocked because I didn't know what what to do. There were a lot of deer and the dog were running after them. I tried to catch him and call him. At last I come back home alone and my grandma was upset. Luckily, in the evening Stiles went home.Dominika

In winter holidays I went with my aunt, uncle and cousin in the mountains. We went to the swimming pool every day. When the wether was nice we went to the ice rink. Once we went there and a random man overturned at my aunt and he broke her arm! This man didn’t apologized, but he run away!Gabriela

In winter holidays I went with my aunt, uncle and cousin in the mountains. We went to the swimming pool every day. When the wether was nice we went to the ice rink. Once we went there and a random man overturned at my aunt and he broke her arm! This man didn’t apologized, but he run away!Gabriela

During last winter break I was in the mounting. Every morning at 8 o’clock I had to have a big breakfast to have strength for walking and skiing. Then I got in to my skiing costume and I had to walk to the ski lift. It took me half an hour. It was second week and it was quite war so they had to use snow canons to make artificial snow. I was on the slope for the whole day so when I got back hotel I was very tried. The only think I could do was to eat and go to bed.As I mentioned before it was the second week of my holiday. During the first week I was at my ground parents. I got there in my uncles truck because the truck is more convenient and my uncle lives closes to my ground parents. It was not a very interesting stay because my cousin had to go to school so this is all. Hubert

I spent the holidays at home with family riding for short trips.I went to the gallery and bought a family and little gifts.I spent a lot of time with my family.Justyna

In the first week of winter holiday I and my family were in Ustka. It was very cold but sun lighted. We walked along the beach. Suddenly i had a new idea „why not took a bath in the sea?”. Quickly I undressed and ran into the frozen sea. I took a bath about 1 minut. My legs frozen . Everyone on the beach looked and me and didn’t believe I could do it.I thought that I had to repeat.Łukasz

1. When i was in ice rink i saw maciej musiał. he was tall. he has got brown hair and long face.we are talking about tv and how was be celebrity?we take photo and i was be very happy2. on sunday my little brother was born. he's name is Teodor. on friday he was in home.on sunday he celebrate one week.all family was very happy.Marcel

Winter Holidays1.This year I was in Italy. One day we were skiing when my mom dissappeared. When me and my brother were waiting for her our group went to the different track. My brother called her. She was on the wrong track. We decided to go for her. Finally we found our mom and went to our group.2.One day I was eating supper when our animator said “ There is table tennis tournament today at 21 o’clock”. I wasn’t good at table tennis but I decided to go. Kacper won tournament. He was from our group and he was the best of us. After the tournament people started to play “bieganiec”. I joined them. Then I played table tennis every day. I played “bieganiec” with Kacper and different people from our group. They played really good. After three days, I was one of the best. Now I am really good at ping pong.Martyna

Italian WaiterAll my family went to Italy for skiing. I was really scared about this because I couldn’t ski very well. One day I went down black road and I was very proud of this, so I told about it every person I knew there. When we were having supper, waiter walked up to me and start talking in English. I was like: "Yeah, man. Of course", and I was smiling all this time (I didn’t understand any word). He end talking and went to the kitchen. "What did just happened?" I ask myself and continued eating supper. It turned out, that my dad told waiter story of life (including my little achievement) and now they are like best friends forever. Of course he tough him some polish words, like: "Dzień dobry", "Nazywam się…" and "Żubrówka".Patrycja

One of my best holiday story was, when I was in Brasil in Rio De Janeiro. My family want go to garden in centre of city. It was sunny day we went to metro and take station to garden. When we went to garden we bought ticket. When I came to the garden I saw bautiful garden with a lo0t of diffrent animals and plants. That was very nice trip.Next story was two days after story in garden. My dad say that we go to the Sugar Low. That the highest mountain in rio. First we take taxi and go to place were you go on mountain. My dad take ticket and we go… Mountain view was so bautiful you saw all things in Rio. This trip was awesome.Piotrek

„In the Winter Holiday”In winter holidays i was in my grandmothers house.I meet new friend and her nam is Dio.i draw amazing arts all the time.When i get home i was really sickThen i stay at home all winter holidays.Karolina



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