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Class 1B

Winter HolidayI spent my winter holiday with my familiy in Italy. Iwas skiing and I was having a lot of fun! Every day I was eating delicious, italian pasta. I spent there 7 fantastic days.Kalina

1.In holidays winter I was in Zakopane would to learn skiing.2.In holidays winter i drove pentakill in leugeu of legendsKamil

On the Winter holidays i was in day room.Me and my friends were leaving for trips,like theatre for performance ,,A niech to czekolada’’.We were also on the ice rink.Angelika

The most memorable event of my winter holidays is a trip to the mountains. I was in Białka Tatrzańska near Zakopane, for five days. I had snowboard lessons, it was really cool. My teacher was very kind and cheerful. Me and my family were walking around the town, and we have got great time togheter. I am really happy that I spend time with my family.Marcelina

At my winter holidays I was in Italy with my family and friends. I had apartametn in Cavalese Cermis but i was skiing in all Alpe di Dolomites. Everyday I was skiing and eating pizza for this two weeks. Not luckly, my friends were in another hotel that was located 1 hour on feet (google maps said that), but it was located on cliff that was three houndred metres above us and there was no path on it. One time, me and my brother decided to climb it, so we did it. The way was hard and we had dirty trousers, but we were at hotel in half-hour.Anna

My winter holidayOn winter holiday i was in Krościenko. I was snowboarding, it’s great. I knew new people. My winter holiday was fantastic!!!Jagoda

I spent the holidays at home, I watched movies and went on training.I wacht a amazing movies "Capitan America Civil war"Krystian

I was in Austria with my dad. We were skiing. Everyday after skiing we drank coca-cola. One day we have visited GoPro shop to buy a sport camera. Then we started to record our stunts on Snow Park.Maciek

Winter holidaysDuring holidays I went to my grandmother. I was skiing and skating. It was really fun. I met with my friend. I spent really successful holidays.Natalia

My Winter Holiday wasn’t that exciting.I spent nearly two weeks in my grandma’s house in Sieradz. One day we went out to an restaurant „Mandaryn”. There was an big fish tank filled with all kinds of colorful fish. We ordered chicken with rice. After lunch we went to my other grandmother. There we watched TV and played with lego bricks.Nikodem

On winter holidays I was in Chełm near Lublin.One day I went to the shooting gallery. I was very excited, because I shooted with true weapon first time in my life. I stuttered gun three Times. I dont’t belive it how that man stand me. I thank the most exciting weapon was kalashnikov.Oskar

In winter holidays I was at Egurrola Dance Camp. Me and my group L made a performance about „Rio”. We isolated did costumes. We had to present all the story in brief. It was very funny. We were very harmonious group.Zuzanna

My adwenture I was at my holiday at home. One day a funny story happened to my. I was sleeping when my brother phoned to me. He said that he is in Pruszków, and he hawen`t got ticket for train. He asked me that can I ride to pruszków and buy ticket for him. I agreed. I went there and it was very suprise. He bought fifteen donuts for my. I remember this day to day, and it was very good day in my opinion.Waldek

Class 1B



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