Civil War Weapons

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Civil War Weapons

Steam Gun

Calcium Floodlights


Gatling Gun

Agar Gun

Ironclad Warships

Air Balloons

Telegraph System

Hand Grenades

Made from assortments of fuses and gunpowder. They came in 1, 3, and 5-pound models. Grenades did not always work and were often caught and thrown back. Widely used by the U.S. Navy

Helped to get an areial view of the battlefield Union had official Balloon CorpsConfederats failed at using the balloons due to poor resourses used to make them

Used steam to fire projectiles at a rate of 200 per minute.The Union confiscated the invention to use themselves.

Made of balls of lime or calcium oxide to light up the Union's target while blinding Confederate gunnners and riflemen.

Rocket Launcher

Used by the Confederate and fired 10-inch long rockets up to 2,000 feet.

Confederacy used them the mostStandard weapon of the British Army

6-barreled gun that could fire up to 350 rounds per minuteUsed by the Union and later during the Petersburg Campaign

Hand-cranked machine gunUsed by both Union and Confederacy Did not preform well on the battlefield

Used as coastal defense ships and long-range cruisersArmored with iron metal and moved by the use of steam

Allowed for long distance comunicationA series of dots and dashes were assigned to each letter of the alphabetPresident Lincolin used this to communicate with his generals and officers



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