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Civil War Resources

iPad AppsCivil War America's Epic Struggle (photos, maps, stories, etc.)- research, digital story, presentation, trading cardsWorld History Atlas (locations of importance) - map it out on Google Earth, what's the path to freedom, my enemyBattle of Gettysburg (photos, maps, stories, etc.) - retell the events leading up to and during, impacts after the fact, if it was me in that uniformThe Civil War, a narrative (audio book) - impact of communitiesLincoln Letters (videos, text) - wordle to evaluate important topics

iBooksAmerican Indian as Participant in the CWRed Badge of Courage17 related books under Civil War America searchJournal of a Civil War Nurse - put yourself in their shoes activityEssential CW AnthologyEverything CW book72 books under The Civil War search

Discovery Education1631 resources under Civil War search (videos, text, images, etc.)

Songs of the Civil War-iTunesSecrets of the Civil War-documentarySecret Missions of the Civil War-documentaryMost daring missions of the civil war-documentaryAmerican civil war-audiobookGettysburg-audiobookCivil war chronicles-podcastsCivil war audio-podcasts-podcastsCivil war digital stories-podcastsCivil war travels guide-podcastsHorses of Gettysburg-movie War Women: Primary Sources on the Internet


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