christmas carol

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christmas carol

A Christmas Carol is a book that tells the story of a mean old man, Scrooge. He worked with his friend Jacob Marley in his office, but one day, Jacob died and Scrooge was worked alone. Until later Scrooge was contracted another worker: Bob Cratchit.Scrooge was a very bad man who doesn’t like Christmas or people and he was always so stingy with them. People have afraid him. One day appeared to Scrooge the ghost of his friend Jacob, he warning him that he must change his life for the better and that this he will appear three ghosts: the ghost of christmas past, present and future.When the time came for Scrooge appeared the first ghost, he bring to several past situations that Scrooge lived. He painful scenes to see him, but nothing compared to what lay ahead. Later he visited the ghost of Christmas present and he was presented various situations that people were living right at thist specific moment. Finally appeared the ghost of Christmas future, he was only pointed scenes, and after take several showed him his own grave old Scrooge.So Scrooge with a lesson, he decided to change his life and be friendly, happy and good person to all people.

A Christmas Carol

I'm Scrooge

By Charles Dickens



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