Chinese Railway workers

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Social Studies
American History

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  • s2c8xzf7p 2 years ago

    s2c8xzf7p's avatar

    I like your ideas but you don't need to have the page filled up, make things smaller.

  • s5befsgqj 2 years ago

    s5befsgqj's avatar

    Its cool but it is to crowded

  • smcqxt9ss 2 years ago

    smcqxt9ss's avatar

    i like your theme just make things a bite smaller

  • sy356bf6c 2 years ago

    sy356bf6c's avatar

    I like the textboxes but you can't see the background.

  • sxabnquqw 2 years ago

    sxabnquqw's avatar

    I like the overall appearance, but maybe next time don't stretch the title because it is kind of hard to read.

  • srqvy36cs 2 years ago

    srqvy36cs's avatar

    Lots of information but your glog is really crowded

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